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ArmedAssault.info Forum Rules

Please respect the following rules when you post on this forum. Breaking any of these rules may result in an increased Warning Level or in some cases can result in a permanent ban.

As it is impossible to plan for every possible situation, the moderators reserve the right to discuss extraordinary matters internally, and if necessary to take action against anyone that damages the integrity of the site, site team or moderating staff, even if there is no specific rule against what they have done/are doing.

1. Rules of Conduct

The Rules of Conduct regulate the interaction between forum members. They are in place to ensure that board remains a civilized place where people can communicate freely without being harassed and abused.

[1] No Flaming/Flame-baiting

Abusive comments, personal attacks and name calling are not allowed either on the board or through PM's. If you receive a PM that is abusive or you find offensive please forward it to a moderator who will investigate. Flame-baiting is also not tolerated, flame-baiting is making a post to someone that is obviously intended to elicit an angry response.

[2] No bigotry

Racists, sexists, homophobes or any other type of bigots are not welcome on these forums, such offenses will very likely result in an immediate and permanent ban. Usernames that are inappropriate and in breach of this rule will result in an immediate and permanent ban.

[3] Follow the instructions of the moderators

When an administrator or moderator asks you to do something or to stop doing something, please follow their instructions, if you're unhappy with their instructions feel free to PM them or another moderator or administrator. Do NOT discuss this in the thread itself, otherwise it will be considered spam and you will be punished forthwith. You have the right to discuss your position with a moderator or an administrator so long as you remain non-abusive and reasonable. Your punishment can be reduced or removed at the discretion of a moderator or administrator.

2. Rules of Contents

The Rules of Contents regulate the substance of what is posted. They are in place to ensure that topics that are posted do not offend and bother people or violate the law.

[1] No discussion on game-alterations that break the EULA

Discussions about copy protection or copying, backing-up, hacking, cracking or reverse engineering of BIS games, or any other software will not be tolerated. Such discussions may be deleted immediately. Any breach of this rule may result in the poster no longer having access to the site and forums. If the poster produces addons, the site-team may decide to have his/their addons banned from the site.

[2] No discussion about illegally obtained software

All discussions about warez, piracy or leaked software are strictly forbidden, such threads will be closed and will most likely result in a permanent ban for the instigator.

[3] No discussion about cracks

This includes request for cracks, links to cracks or sites that host cracks, also not acceptable are requests for CD Keys/serials, again such threads will be closed and could result in a permanent ban.

[4] No discussion about MP (MultiPlayer) cheats

This includes requests for MP cheats, links to MP cheats or sites that host MP cheats, again such threads will be closed and could result in a permanent ban.

[5] No Spam

We deem spam as making a thread or posting a reply that has no real worth, is irrelevant, useless and offers nothing to a discussion, that is posted outside the Chatter, Word Games & Jokes sub-forum of the forum's which has its own rules stickied in the sub-forum. Posts that are in place of a moderator and are misleading or not needed, or that are not in line with the topic and contribute nothing of any worth can also be considered spam. Responding to a spam-bot on the forum will be considered spam and will lead to a post restriction. Spam is not limited to text, posting an image as a means of spam or a spam'esque URL will also result in the same response from a moderator. With spam being hard to define, it is another example of something left to moderator's discretion, if in doubt ask yourself "does my reply add to the discussion in a way for the discussion to continue further"? If not then think of something "meatier" to add to the thread. Repeated spamming will result in a Warning Level increase.

[6] No posting of explicit graphics

No posting of videos, pictures and other types of graphical media containing porn, real killing, mutilations, wounds, carnage, and other disgusting/explicit images. This also includes links to pages that contain such content. There have been a number of incidents where people have linked to news sites which unbeknownst to them contains obscene images a few mouse clicks away, while we can't expect people to check every link on a site it is strongly suggested that whenever making a post about a news item the post is structured in a way that provides the information without risk of breaching the rules. If you're ever unsure as to whether or not a link should be posted on the forum feel free to PM a moderator for guidance.

[7] No usage of content of forbidden organisations

This includes, but is not limited to organisations, symbols and propaganda messages of organizations like Nazi/neo-nazi parties, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and other organizations that are on international lists of terrorist organizations, or forbidden by the European Union or any of it's member states. The European Union's list of forbidden people and organizations can be found [here].

[8] Do not start threads relating to discussions on other boards

What happens in this forum should stay in this forum and vice versa, conversations other than those strictly relating to ArmA matters should not be brought into these forums from others.

[9] No public discussion on how the forum is moderated

If you have questions/complaints/comments that you wish to make about the board or moderators or anything like that please PM them to a moderator, we will do our utmost to reply to any that we receive, please remember we have lives outside of the forum so can't promise to reply immediately. There is also a dedicated thread located [here] for discussing the moderating policy, it is meant for the general policy, not for individual cases, that should be restricted to PM.

[10] No posting of messages from banned members

If a forum member is banned, no matter if they're a friend/colleague/clan mate, they will have been banned for a reason that we believe to be fully valid, therefore we do not want any comments posted onto the forum on their behalf, doing so could put you into the same banned position that they are in.

[11] No advertisements regarding non ARMA related subjects or products

Do not use the forum to make direct or indirect advertisement concerning something not related to ArmA. Commercial ventures that are not licensed by BIS itself, or any other party that owns the content in question, and does not allow the poster to exploit it are not allowed either.

[12] No posting of VBS information

ArmedAssault.info is dedicated to BIS games only so absolutely no discussion of VBS in any of its incarnations is allowed.

[13] No images are to be posted in the English section that exceed 250kb's filesize.

You may be post restricted after your first warning for failure to comply with this rule.

[14] Images may not be made up of more than 1 file

This rule is meant to ensure that 13 is successful in keeping the forum easy to access for all people regardless of their hardware. An image must be made of a single, continuous file. When more than one file is used, we will take action against the poster.

[15] No 'bumping.'

If no one responds to your thread or query please do not 'bump' it with posts such as 'bump', 'hello?!?!' or 'is anyone there? Help please!' or your thread may be closed, or your account post restricted. Please give people time to help you and understand some people may not know the answer and therefore not respond.

[16] No distribution or advertising of work that is not your own

Members are not permitted to distribute or promote the download of work that is not their own. ArmedAssault.info strongly supports the ArmA community and believes that a member who wishes to edit, port or modify another's work should make every possible effort to obtain permission to do so.
If this permission was withheld and the member has proceeded to distribute or promote such work action will be taken as the administration team sees fit. If every effort was made to contact the original creator wihtout success and the creator later discovers the work and objects; it will be taken down without punishment to the member so long as this effort was indeed taken and the work is not promoted further.

[17] No showcasing work modified for personal use if the original creator of the work objects

Members are prohibited from posting images or promoting modified work that is for personal use if the original creator of the works objects to their display. No action will be taken against the member save the removal of any posts dealing with these works alongside an explanation and a request not to post these works in any form on this site and forum again. Those who persist in posting whilst utilising this work will have action taken against them as the administration sees fit.

3. Rules of Format

The Rules of Format regulate the appearance of what is posted and of user profile. They are in place to ensure that the board remains easy to use and uncluttered with unnecessary elements.

[1] Search before posting

If you have a question, please use the board search function before posting to make sure that it hasn't been answered before. There is a big chance it has, not only does searching help to keep the board free of multiple threads it will also help you to get an answer much quicker. Posts that could have returned several answered with a search function will be closed. If you wish to get help with an addon or mod, please ensure you have read the files README before asking a question. If the answer is in the readme and you did not check it, the thread will be closed.

[2] Post in the right forum

Please ensure you make new threads in the correct forum, if you're unsure of which forum to post in feel free to ask a moderator.

[3] Do not cross-post

Do not post duplicate threads in more than one forum simply to get an answer quicker or to draw more attention to your post.

[4] Do not double, triple etc -post

If you make several posts in a short amount of time rather than editing your original post, this will be considered flooding. After a first warning you may be post restricted for failure to comply with this rule. This does not include accidentaly posting multiple times through browser or server errors.

[5] Do not dig up old threads

Threads older than 6 weeks should not be dug up unless something significant is being added. If in doubt as to what is "significant" PM a moderator and they will give you their opinion. As always old threads will remain open or be closed at the moderator's discretion.

[6] No duplicate accounts

Having several accounts is strictly forbidden. If you want to get a new account contact an administrator. If you wish to change your name for any reason we will be happy to transfer your account status over.

[7] Do not type in all capital letters, or in AlTeRnAtE cApS (Alternate caps)

Typing in all caps equals according to standard net etiquette to yelling. It is also difficult reading such posts. The same applies to alternate caps.

[8] Write in English

As this is the English part of the board please write in English. Don't write in any other language since the majority of the members most likely won't understand. Posting in any language other than English and providing a translation in English is also not allowed, since we cannot check the accuracy of the translation.

Please do not use short forms of words e.g. "m8" instead of mate, "u r" instead of you are or your, it may seem attractive to type in such a "shorthand" manner but remember that there are many people on the forums who do not have English as a first language, so it is disrespectful to use bad English simply for the sake of laziness. (Obviously there are common shortenings of words that have been used for many years on the internet that continue to be acceptable, e.g. LMAO, LOL, FYI etc.)

[9] Remove image tags when quoting a post containing an image

If you quote a post that contains an image please remove the image tag so that the link is posted not the image, it helps keep the thread tidy and easier to read if the same image isn't being posted repeatedly, you need only delete one [ to stop the image from hot linking.

[10] Use a proper title for your new thread.

Threads with titles such as 'help me' that provide no detail and what is wrong or that are inappropriate or not related to the topic you wish to discuss may be closed.

4. Signatures and Avatars

Keep avatars and signatures within forum regulations.

To keep signatures reasonably small following rules apply:

* total height of your signature-image(s) must not exceed 150 pixels.
* total width of your signature-image(s) must not exceed 600 pixels.
* height of any image, flash animation, text or any other signature single element must not exceed 150 pixels.
* total size of all files used in your signature must be no more than 250 KB.
* signature and avatar must be quiet, no sounds may be played back in them by any means.
* maximum size for avatars is 100x100 pixels and the file must be no larger than 100kb (102400 bytes).

If you see a violation of these rules on the board, please do not reply in the thread but send a PM to a moderator instead. If we all do our bit this forum can be a place that everyone can enjoy, no matter their age, sex, religion or nationality.

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