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Armed Assault Info Forums _ Operation Flashpoint _ WW2 Desert pack North Afrika 1941-1943

Posted by: Bennie1983nl Mar 3 2010, 22:43

WW2 Desert Collection Pack: NORTH AFRIKA 1941-1943

This mod is a collection of WW2 Desert Addons made by the OFP community!
Thank you all!

There are so many German desert addon so i didNOT put every addon it. IF i did i will become LARGE number of German(East side) units against a few Allied(West side) units.

What can you supect?
*Gavin's Soldiers pack: (Dak) German Afrikakorps and US desert troops and ofcourse UK 8Th Army!
*Invasion 1944 Italian Front Tiger tank (modidified config with other crew).
*Burner Desert Addons, like his Sherman tank (west side) and his German Armored Half-track(East side).
*Berlin45 Pak40 AT-canon (with modified config other crew).
*ATSTWalker's Fallschirmjager Pack.
*Trenchfeet Junkers JU52 transport plane.
*And Desert Reskinned version (east-side).
*Anzac's Vickers HMG (with modified config for crew) West side.
*Afrika 1942 MAP/Island.
*D@nte's reskinned INV44 tank (East-side).
*Nim Weather Effect addon for Sandstorms.
*Stuka (east-side).
*WW2EC DAK Kubelwagen.
*Small sound/music addon.

Before you scream! :: HEEJ WHAT ABOUT; BMW Motor with sidecar or Opel Blitz and this addon and that addon??!?
I could not put them all in because of the size (MB/GB).
Sadly enough there are a few Allied WW2 Desert addons.

DL-Link -->>

With Kind Regards

Bennie1983nl AKA André (Andre1983nl)

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