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Posted by: wipman Mar 4 2014, 20:17

Hi, im unable to get the Zoom Out to stay when aiming down the sights, it seems to work only when you're on 1St person view but not aiming down the sights; someone knows how to make it stay Zoomed Out?.

ArmA3 Zoom Levels:

I just want to make it stay as in the Figure A, but i'm unable to find a way of get it. Let's C ya

Posted by: D@V Mar 4 2014, 20:21

Doubletap - on your numpad

Posted by: wipman Mar 4 2014, 20:30

Thanks Dave, but that don't seems to work; as i'd said that only works to me when im not aiming down the sights. I've it configured as double tap " ' ", but it don't works aiming down the sights; i have to say that i've the keyboard configured (on the Windows7) as a spanish keyboard, so what's a " ' " writing anywhere... seems to be a " - " on the game's options, could this be a reason?.

Posted by: wipman Mar 5 2014, 00:57

This is the only place/view where the double tap " ' " (that appears as "-" on the game's options, with a spanish keyboard setup on the Windows 7) for the Zoom Out Toggle works:

Is good for the situational awareness, and much better indoors or in CQB; but will be better if it would work too when aiming down the sights too and not just only on the 1St person view.

This are the zoom levels, A) Zoom Out. B) Standard Zoom. C) Max Zoom. But the 'Zoom Out Toggle' don't work aiming down the sights.

Posted by: D@V Mar 5 2014, 01:29

Hmm... I just checked ingame - same results. Could swear this worked in earlier versions, methinks this might be a bug.

In the mean time, use the world famous Eccles technique - tape down the minus key!

Posted by: wipman Mar 11 2014, 20:47

The problem of hold down the minus key is to move fluently having the movement on the arrow keys, is almost impossible!; the will be better if the zoom out toggle would work while aiming down the sights too, to have it working like this... as for me as it wouldn't work at all. There should a ticket for this, is an important issue IMO.

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