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Armed Assault Info Forums _ ArmA II - Combined Operations _ ArmA 2 Combat Photography Thread

Posted by: raphael Jun 3 2009, 23:54


Combat Photography Thread rules

as of October 18th, 2008

Slow internet connections be gone!

[1] Maximum allowed filesize for hotlinked images: 250 KB. Please refrain from posting images larger than that. Repeat offenders will be punished with a post restriction of at least 24 hours.

[2] List your addons indifferent they're unreleased or for personal use only, it doesn't matter. This is to avoid unnecessary interruptive discussions about which addons are used in your screenshots. Repeat offenders will be punished with a post restriction of at least 12 hours.

[3]All other rules of our forums remain valid in this thread.

Posted by: Rado Jun 4 2009, 15:55

Posted by: unknown Jun 4 2009, 19:16

Posted by: Benoist Jun 4 2009, 19:42


Now I want a copy of ArmAII (and your PC)

Posted by: Rado Jun 4 2009, 23:17

Posted by: NSXr Jun 5 2009, 05:37

Posted by: NSXr Jun 6 2009, 11:47

ChDKZ representatives greet friendly russian peacekeeping forces entering South Zagoria.

Force recon squad evacuated by Hueys after successful reconaissance raid.

Force recon operatives're rescueing pilot of UH-1, which was downed by Chedaki's mobile truck-mounted ZU-23-2.

Posted by: Helping Hand Jun 6 2009, 19:31

Lovely shots there. TAD Hoodies are epic.

Posted by: Avalla'ch Jun 6 2009, 20:46

I take it that MODUL's stuff do work in ArmA2 ? smile.gif

Posted by: BLACKAMETAL Jun 6 2009, 21:47


Posted by: Colossus Jun 7 2009, 14:36

Great pictures, NSXr and everyone else thumbsup.gif
Have you read the news lately? It's just for my own amusement really. Enjoy smile.gif

Again, thanks to my buddy "Seven of Nine" for the screenshots.
Addons: Sahrani (ArmA) on ArmA 2

-"Antique plane" is about the missing An-2 plane addon. It was shown very early in development, but nothing about it in the vehicles list. There is also a mentioning about a snowman addon which we saw in a screenshot released last winter.

-"ChDKZ". Is there a connection to SLA perhaps? ChDKZ couldn't suddenly just take half of a country without experience.

-"Trainstrike" Hey, the trains are static objects. Here is your answer why.

-"Russia condemns". For obvious reasons I think Russia would have been displeased with a U.S. involvment in the Georgia-Russia conflict, and this seem similar in many ways

Posted by: SMERSH Jun 8 2009, 21:01
Addons: personal use

Posted by: unknown Jun 9 2009, 11:01

gms MP-40

Posted by: SMERSH Jun 9 2009, 19:24
Addons: personal use
Addons: personal use

Posted by: Rado Jun 12 2009, 23:27

Posted by: SMERSH Jun 14 2009, 13:53

Addons: personal use

Posted by: Milda Jun 18 2009, 00:38

Just try:-)

Posted by: SMERSH Jun 20 2009, 14:53
Addons: Island Porto

Posted by: SMERSH Jun 21 2009, 15:03

ARMA-II: Forest life

Addons: For personal use

Posted by: raphael Jun 21 2009, 16:05

@smerch ...... the last animal is from S.T.A.L.K.E.R no ?

Posted by: SMERSH Jun 21 2009, 17:36

No, this is a model of Oblivion rolleyes.gif

Posted by: enad1 Jun 23 2009, 01:05

WOW....NSXr....Those pictures literally gave me an orgasm.
You are the most talented screenshooter fro ArmA II so far.(And Rado, your last one was crazy! I love it!)

Those screenshots are so real! I love the one with the guy carrying the pilot! So awesome!!!

Posted by: Sumrak Jun 23 2009, 19:37
Namalsk island v0.45 in Arma 2 (WIP)
Ingame, NOT edited.

Posted by: Benoist Jun 23 2009, 21:43

The water in AA2 is really an improvement.

Posted by: Milda Jun 24 2009, 21:57

Posted by: SMERSH Jun 26 2009, 13:58

Addons: avgani island ; afghan_village

Posted by: Rewan Jun 28 2009, 01:39

Towards a new day...

Addons used: None (Oh well I did use VOP sound but you wouldn't notice anyways ! tongue.gif)

Little edited with my GIMP crappy skills (The sky, but you'll notice BTW and I personnaly think it's looking better now than before... sweatingbullets.gif )

PS: The one who'll found where is actually standing the soldier will get a cookie biggrin.gif

Posted by: I44_John Jun 28 2009, 02:24

QUOTE(Rewan @ Jun 28 2009, 02:39) *
PS: The one who'll found where is actually standing the soldier will get a cookie biggrin.gif

You mean the one that is saluting in the middle of the picture, where his head seems to blend with the hills behind him?

Posted by: Rewan Jun 28 2009, 04:12

Do you see any other soldier on the shot ? =(

Posted by: D@V Jun 28 2009, 20:13

CDF demonstrates terrifying new weapon system.

Ah... how did we live before the attachto command? tongue.gif

(I think he's asking "where is the soldier", as in, "the guy's standing on thin air, how is this possible", my guess is he's on that big relay tower thingy)

Posted by: Rado Jun 29 2009, 14:42

Posted by: cremisy Jun 29 2009, 17:29

Malajn.gif "I'm" stupid.gif


Posted by: Rado Jun 29 2009, 19:07

Posted by: Wittmann Jun 30 2009, 12:28

A reminder; as it says in the thread topic
NO images over 250kb folks.


@Rado; Nice!!!

Posted by: Rado Jul 1 2009, 01:43

Some new screens, no addons.

Posted by: Lex89 Jul 1 2009, 09:57

This is a little shot using the editor and a weapon discovered in a mission...

Posted by: enad1 Jul 2 2009, 13:30

Lol I like that guys clothing...and gun.

Heres some shots from the Demo.
Settings mostly Very High, Object Detail on High, Terrain Detail on Normal, AA Disabled, View Distance at 1800 @2048X1152.
I hope you guys like them! happy.gif

Posted by: Zipper5 Jul 2 2009, 13:51

Those are waaaaaaaaaay over the 250kb limit. blink.gif

Posted by: Wittmann Jul 2 2009, 14:57

250kb for Combat Photography threads.
But the poster in question has a history of this it seems.

2 weeks PR for a repeat breach of the rules.

Posted by: raphael Jul 2 2009, 15:20

i think he dont know how to reduce the kb of these own screenshot

Posted by: OFPCAT Jul 13 2009, 14:46

--T-Roc Addon, Villa's Soldier Modfication, ARMA2 T-34....

Posted by: Benoist Jul 13 2009, 14:50

How did you get Vilas unit's in ArmAII?

Posted by: OFPCAT Jul 14 2009, 15:34

Posted by: tpM'91 Jul 14 2009, 18:48
Used addons: ICP static anim pack

Posted by: OFPCAT Jul 17 2009, 00:50

( T-Roc Addon, Villa's WW2 Soldier Modification, ARMA2... )

Posted by: Cappe! Jul 17 2009, 10:09

Some screenshots of the arma 2
Addons used
ICP anims

Posted by: OFPCAT Jul 17 2009, 15:32

Posted by: Willus Killus Jul 18 2009, 02:06

AT soldier takes a shot at a BMP3

Extraction under fire.

F35 flys overhead.

The first ones my favourite. Shame about the F35 one, the lighting looked really good but it got eaten during the resizing process thumbsdownsmileyanim.gif
Enjoy cool.gif

Posted by: Benoist Jul 18 2009, 02:10

Post a link with the original image, please.

EDIT: Manners.

Posted by: Blackhawk Jul 19 2009, 01:52

Posted by: Willus Killus Jul 19 2009, 02:09

CDF troops retreat from the chedaki.

NAPA guerrillas take on russian mechanised infantry.

EDIT: It would seem when I upload to photobucket it dilutes the colours of my screenies. sad.gif

Posted by: OFPCAT Jul 22 2009, 15:47

No illegal porting of addons into ArmA2

Pictures removed and actions the rules !

(by Deadeye)

Posted by: Ruhisu Jul 22 2009, 18:46




Posted by: Daniel Jul 22 2009, 23:34

Operation TEMPEST.
Charlie and Delta withdrawing as the ChDkz Depot goes up in flames.
Delta took one T4 while providing fire support for Charlie.
Targets destroyed: Mi-17, x2 BRDMs, Command and Control Equipment, ammo stores, a cargo train and a vehicle pool.
Section withdrew to 040124.

Section Tactical Advance to Battle in Hit and Run.

Posted by: unknown Jul 23 2009, 07:51

Posted by: Milda Jul 23 2009, 10:21

A2 wather and buildings are beautiful:-)

Posted by: enad1 Jul 23 2009, 14:17

Wow. unkown! Thats so good! I love it, wish it were bigger though.
And Milda...That looks like Crysis! Awesome!

Here are some of my shots, ingame and unedited:
Click on the picture itself to enlarge.
I hope you like them!

Posted by: OFPCAT Jul 25 2009, 14:59

No illegal porting of addons into ArmA2

Pictures removed and actions the rules !

(by Deadeye)

Posted by: Blackbuck Jul 25 2009, 18:28

Remember to list your Add-ons please.

Posted by: Ruhisu Jul 26 2009, 08:00


Posted by: youngman92 Jul 26 2009, 13:30


Sleeping soldier sweatingbullets.gif

Posted by: enad1 Jul 28 2009, 14:06

How did you get the character to do that?

Posted by: unknown Jul 29 2009, 13:55


Posted by: OFPCAT Jul 29 2009, 14:22

No illegal porting of addons into ArmA2

Pictures removed and actions the rules !

(by Deadeye)

Posted by: Blackbuck Jul 29 2009, 21:11

This is your second breach of the same rule OFPCAT the forum rules clearly state the image limit for the combat photography threads to be 250KB not over 300. Henceforth you'll get a 24hr PR to go and read all of those lovely rules we have.


Youngman921 this goes for you too watch your file sizes.

The next person to ignore the file size limit gets a 48hr PR and a WB because it just doesn't seem to sink in we have these rules for a reason.

Posted by: Jeza Jul 31 2009, 04:41

Few ArmA2 screens from me:

Posted by: OFPCAT Jul 31 2009, 15:12

No stop, just go on...

--Addons Villia's soldiers Modification WIP

Posted by: unknown Jul 31 2009, 17:20

Desert Mercenaries

Posted by: USSRsniper Aug 1 2009, 10:12 299Kb


CheyTac M200 WIP

Posted by: OFPCAT Aug 2 2009, 13:08

No illegal porting of addons into ArmA2

Pictures removed and actions the rules !

(by Deadeye)

Posted by: Milda Aug 2 2009, 17:41

Another Wather Screen:

Posted by: NSXr Aug 2 2009, 21:13



RHS weapon pack (OTs33 Pernach and SV98 by BlackMetal and gms) (WIP), MODUL animations, Nightkiller's ICP animations.

Posted by: Fatality Aug 2 2009, 21:52

i see there are XM8s for Arma 2. how come we cant have any for Armed assault?

Posted by: Blackbuck Aug 2 2009, 23:16

Fantastic size control NSXr smile.gif Shots numbers three and four are exquisite especially the SV98 smile.gif

Posted by: NSXr Aug 2 2009, 23:28

You can see SV-98 on all four main screenshots. On first two, however, it's presented as a silenced version in ghillie camouflage, so you can barely see a rifle itself. Shows how well this new camo (base texture done by DaSquade, implemented and recolored by gms) fits into Chernarussian environment. thumbsup.gif

Posted by: NSXr Aug 3 2009, 19:15

Nightkiller's animations, K98 and MP40 by gms.

Posted by: Watson Aug 3 2009, 22:13

Posted by: enad1 Aug 4 2009, 23:46

NSXr, are those weapons actually released to the public yet?
But anyways, your screenshots are always soo amazing!

Posted by: OFPCAT Aug 5 2009, 10:09

No illegal porting of addons into ArmA2

Pictures removed and actions the rules !

(by Deadeye)

Posted by: OFPCAT Aug 5 2009, 10:18

No illegal porting of addons into ArmA2

Pictures removed and actions the rules !

(by Deadeye)

Posted by: Ruhisu Aug 5 2009, 14:33

Great shots NSXr smile.gif

Posted by: OFPCAT Aug 5 2009, 15:16

Russian Break through in heavy loss...

(Images removed, due to possible copyright breach of Inv44 content)

Further infractions possible

Posted by: Daniel Aug 5 2009, 18:24

Tuesday's CIC cadre rolling out.

Sjt Tabber explaining patrol skills to the recruits.

Moving in file formation.

Posted by: Ruhisu Aug 6 2009, 00:03

City and country life.

Posted by: Colossus Aug 6 2009, 00:42

Strickly not ArmA II in-game picture, but it has a in-game picture taken to show a concept. It's nothing I am working on I'm afraid. It's way out of my script/modeling skills, which is basically none.
Maybe some day someone would get the same idea and change this very old design. I love ArmA II from dawn to dusk, but by night it shows its less beautiful side.

Addons: None. Just Photoshop. (72 KB)

Posted by: unknown Aug 6 2009, 07:07

QUOTE(Ruhisu @ Aug 6 2009, 02:03) *
City and country life.
Awesome screens thumbsup.gif

Posted by: Cappe! Aug 6 2009, 10:27

Nice screenshots!
OFPCAT one question do you release those ww2 soldiers or are those for personal use?

Posted by: OFPCAT Aug 6 2009, 13:36

To be or not to be, a hard question in that war. They just overlook it and fight furiously for the Fuehre and fartherland...

(Images removed, due to possible copyright breach of Inv44 content)

Further infractions possible

Posted by: TankCommander Aug 6 2009, 17:42

Posted by: Ruhisu Aug 6 2009, 18:08

Posted by: I44_John Aug 6 2009, 22:10

Excellent shots Ruhisu.

Tankcommander, Ruhisu and others, please remember to list the addons used in the shots (or mention that it's the standard game) thumbsup.gif

Posted by: Ruhisu Aug 7 2009, 09:48

Big thanks and appologies


Addons: None in this session

Posted by: enad1 Aug 8 2009, 18:30

Hey Ruhisu, what do you use to take your screenshots and what do you use to edit them?

Posted by: Ruhisu Aug 8 2009, 18:44

Screenshots - FRAPS
Contrast and lightning - PhotoScape

Posted by: TankCommander Aug 8 2009, 20:59

No addons used


Posted by: Daniel Aug 9 2009, 12:18

Awesome shots as usual TankCommander! Love the last one. I'd say the second and third could easily be passed off as real. tongue.gif

Ed, Dan and myself revving up the Motherland's finest SU25s before dealing some pain to a CDF train yard.

No addons used.

Posted by: Ruhisu Aug 9 2009, 14:38

QUOTE(Daniel @ Aug 9 2009, 13:18) *
Awesome shots as usual TankCommander! Love the last one. I'd say the second and third could easily be passed off as real. tongue.gif


Ed, Dan and myself revving up the Motherland's finest SU25s before dealing some pain to a CDF train yard.

No addons used.

Seems that we've got the same idea thumbsup.gif

Posted by: OFPCAT Aug 9 2009, 14:51


( Oh, I'm hit! )

( Hold up, comrade, you'll be ok. )

Villa's soldier Modification WIP, ARMA2 Patch 1.03...

Posted by: NSXr Aug 9 2009, 20:32

MODUL animations 2.0 were used for some screenshots

Posted by: TankCommander Aug 10 2009, 18:22

Very nice pics NSXr

Vanilla Arma

Posted by: Cherni Aug 10 2009, 18:48

Nsxr great shots, but how did you get the anim packs from arma1 to work in arma2, I can't seem to get them to work. Any help?

Posted by: unknown Aug 12 2009, 13:10

RHS T-80

Posted by: OFPCAT Aug 15 2009, 13:47

No illegal porting of addons into ArmA2

Pictures removed and actions the rules !

(by Deadeye)

Posted by: USSRsniper Aug 16 2009, 00:11

Addons: Unreleased Cheytac M200

Posted by: MODUL_OTK Aug 18 2009, 03:47
Click on pic and you'll see full version.

Posted by: Jeza Aug 18 2009, 08:51

Very Nice modul

Few more from me smile.gif:

Addons: cba&f16

Posted by: MODUL_OTK Aug 19 2009, 08:50

Whoa! a078.gif

Posted by: raphael Aug 19 2009, 11:00

wooow nice pik dude oO .... i dont believe i cant take a screenshot of ArmA 2 T_T

Posted by: Ruhisu Aug 22 2009, 21:22

I was bored

Posted by: BLACKAMETAL Aug 28 2009, 14:28

Uber battle Transformer Didia Stepa vs evil americans cool.gif

Before effects:

Posted by: Rellikki Aug 28 2009, 15:45

Nice job, BLACKAMETAL. Now if you could get it animated and moving. tongue.gif

Posted by: dkennedy Aug 30 2009, 15:47

Posted by: Daniel Aug 30 2009, 16:24


Posted by: BLACKAMETAL Aug 30 2009, 19:24

When americans eated all carrot in Chernorussia only one men can stop evil rabbits, it's DED MAZAI.

Before effects

Addons used: rhs_oc33

Posted by: BLACKAMETAL Sep 6 2009, 19:10

Chechnya. Grozni.

Before effects:

Posted by: Jeza Sep 6 2009, 20:26

Couple more smile.gif
addons UsArmy09

Posted by: Rado Sep 14 2009, 03:53

Posted by: dkennedy Sep 19 2009, 21:02

Chernarussian military police durring ethnical cleaning in South Zagoria.

Chernarussian police for personal use, ICP Animations.

Posted by: SGT123 Sep 20 2009, 01:59

Seals Searching crash For Survivors

first one i ever made go easy on me smile.gif im not really sure who made the seals cant find the read me i just know its not me

Posted by: Str Sep 20 2009, 19:34

Posted by: cremisy Sep 20 2009, 20:11

CR Arma2

Posted by: topas Sep 23 2009, 13:58

Polish Army [by Vilas] reskinned - including new polish multicam

Posted by: Rellikki Sep 23 2009, 15:30

Nice reskin, Topas. I like the detail. smile.gif

Posted by: DEN2007 Sep 25 2009, 04:15


Posted by: topas Sep 25 2009, 22:00


Nice, reminds me of the TV-series Desantura watched recently; btw; is it photoshopped or u're using WingsOfRussia already?

Thx mate, sadly this won't get released.. personal use only

Posted by: T_Roc Sep 25 2009, 22:13

My first post here will be some pics!

addons is from my uppcoming mod "Towards Berlin"

Posted by: DEN2007 Sep 27 2009, 13:38

Own development

Posted by: OFPCAT Sep 28 2009, 14:05

Tough Road Ahead...

( edelweiss )

Posted by: T_Roc Oct 2 2009, 20:41

Yes this is my own development.
This mod is still an tba but its about 80% finished

Posted by: SMERSH Oct 2 2009, 21:08

Posted by: Rado Oct 4 2009, 02:18

Posted by: SMERSH Oct 4 2009, 11:17

Posted by: Jeza Oct 5 2009, 16:13

Addons: UKFtroops & challenger2 smile.gif

Posted by: Marko112 Oct 5 2009, 20:45

Very nice pics @all w00t.gif

Posted by: Yokhanan Oct 17 2009, 17:04

Showing some of my first ever retextures both in general and for my Sahranian squad. File size exceeds the forum a wee bit and I'm feeling lazy so I'll give the direct links. Special thanks goes to Gachopin for allowing me retexture his kick ass chopper for private usage for my Sahranian squad. thumbsup.gif

Posted by: cremisy Oct 17 2009, 17:46

hi, my Arma 2 profile........... ph34r.gif

[mg][/img] OVER 250KB!

Posted by: topas Oct 18 2009, 15:51

Polish troops ambush RF transport columns on Namalsk:
Addons; Polish Army retextured for personal use / Namalsk

Posted by: Ruhisu Oct 20 2009, 17:21

Great shots topas!
Really great angle.

P.S. All the best for u and O-hime smile.gif

Modern Warfare

Nighstalkers Namalsk Island/ CBA MI-28 Havoc/ B-52 Stratofortress

Posted by: Blackbuck Oct 20 2009, 21:12

I suggest that you look at which of those is over 250Kb Ruhisu. (there are a few) Get them downsized please.

Posted by: Ruhisu Oct 26 2009, 19:10

Posted by: raphael Oct 27 2009, 21:02

this image do 5.93Mb in the reality ...

add-on used : M4/M16 pack rearmed

Posted by: topas Oct 28 2009, 11:29


The pic with villager awaiting train's arrival is epic smile.gif

And here's a bunch showing Polish cold war era paratroopers performing yet another training jump

Addons; personal use

Posted by: Wandalen Oct 30 2009, 20:38

My first screenshot and first post naughty.gif

Posted by: Daniel Oct 31 2009, 00:25

Desert Mercs (strange name for a pack containing woodland, desert, black ops, urban, taliban, militia and jet pilots tongue.gif), UKF Weapons

Posted by: Jeza Nov 2 2009, 18:21

Looking great @ all as per-norm smile.gif

Few from me some UK/US combined stuff :


Edit, couple more:

Posted by: Rasa Nov 2 2009, 23:09


(From the VCB/R2.5 JointOp, taken on Namalsk)

Posted by: Daniel Nov 3 2009, 00:58

From another angle. Zulu anyone? biggrin.gif

Posted by: Jeza Nov 3 2009, 02:41

Looking sweet rifles lads biggrin.gif , bet that was quite some JO.

Posted by: raphael Nov 3 2009, 21:05

i see the UKF weapon ^^ and well the UKF units have the UKF weapon or not ?

Posted by: Daniel Nov 4 2009, 00:27

Unfortunately there aren't any UK soldiers at a good enough quality for Joint Ops yet. We're waiting on either an update from Cougar or new units from STALKER.

Posted by: Ruhisu Nov 4 2009, 10:08

Under heavy fire

US ARMY 09/ JTD Fire and smoke effects

Posted by: sabre Nov 5 2009, 07:47
Click for bigger.
Click for bigger.
Click for bigger.
[RH M4/16 Rearmed pack Retextured, Retexture of Johnny's SF, Thanks to Johnny for his models, thanks to ardvarkdb for his work and conversion]

Posted by: vilas Nov 14 2009, 23:11

w.i.p. paramedic and traffic section police

Posted by: sabre Nov 20 2009, 01:56
Click for Hi-Res
Click for Hi-Res
Click for Hi-Res

[A:Johnny USSF/ardvarkdb SASR (Retextured)|RH M4/16 Pack (Retextured)|Island Panthera 2.31]

Posted by: topas Nov 25 2009, 19:31

Some Polish Army shots

Addons: ArmAII [retextured]/ Vilas NPL+P'85 [both retextured for personal use] /Namalsk /JTD smoke /War_FX addon

Posted by: Daniel Nov 26 2009, 00:48

Wow, extremely gritty, dramatic shots! Well done!

Posted by: sabre Nov 26 2009, 00:54
Click for Hi-Res
Joint USMC/ADF roadblock set up after a shooting in a Sbrodj town.

[A:Johnny USSF/ardvarkdb SASR (Retextured)|RH M4/16 Pack (Retextured)|Sbrodj v1.3]

Posted by: Jeza Nov 26 2009, 14:37

Few screens from Pathfinders Op:

Posted by: Ruhisu Nov 29 2009, 14:51

Total awesome screenshots and textures Jarq smile.gif

Addons: FFAA

Posted by: Daniel Nov 29 2009, 23:16

Epic shots again Ruhisu!!

R2.5 cross training for an upcoming battle alongside VCB...

Addons: Sgt Ace's Everon, Schnapsdrossel's Mercs.

Posted by: Jeza Dec 1 2009, 18:59

Addons:chinhook,challenger,Uk soliders,landies
Few more from our campaign on Everon smile.gif :

Posted by: sabre Dec 2 2009, 02:34
Click for Hi-Res
Click for Hi-Res
Click for Hi-Res

[A:Johnny USSF/ardvarkdb SASR (Retextured)|RH M4/16 Pack (Retextured)|Sbrodj v1.3|BWMod]

Posted by: topas Dec 4 2009, 14:48

Nice ones Sabre, love the retextures!

And here are some of mine;
Winter manouvers of the Polish Army

A: SLXmod/WarFX_particles/Vilas [full retexture]/Namalsk

Posted by: resistance-rat Dec 5 2009, 18:16

Hi, I am new here, but i have some pics. biggrin.gif

Posted by: Wittmann Dec 7 2009, 00:46

Post deleted at this time;

The original creator of the addons used has objected to their spread beyond Topas' personal use.
As such, until advised otherwise no images featuring retextures of Vilas' work are to be posted here unless he has given permission for any such work to be distributed.

I will clarify this sort of situation in the rules when able.

Posted by: topas Dec 7 2009, 12:26

QUOTE(Wittmann @ Dec 7 2009, 00:46) *
Until advised otherwise no images featuring retextures of Vilas' work are to be posted here unless he has given permission for any such work to be distributed.

Here we go again...

Fine with me... But first, we would need to have a 'distribution' to speak of.. Which is not the case as far as I know... As there is no 'public access' to the file in question and such was never intended; and only one person received it just to have fun with it; not to 'spread' it in any way... And if anybody is persistant enough to claim there was any distribution; the only thing that could be seen as a subject to such was my own work -> in this case textures done by myself from scratch; an effect of my own work being performed in my own time; the rest is models which are freely available as published by the author in question... Anyway..

I have cleared the issue as a 'misunderstanding' on Armaholic and will be sadly forced to write the whole thing again here...

To quote myself:
(...)this was only a sort of a Christmas gift for a friend; not an official distribution of someone else's work to be claimed mine

In this case I take the responsibility and make the official statement that what I posted so far is indeed solely for personal use and intends no harm to the original creator [Vilas], nor his intelectual property;
Truth is that the addons used were always listed in a proper manner and he got the credit he deserves for providing the models I retextured and shown screens of.
Truth is as well, that I have been contacted by several people from the interrnational and polish community to give them access to those retextures, and the answer was always a firm NO; for the reasons already mentioned. (...)

I regret to have made this one exception for a friend; and must be now resposnsible for his actions being an effect of his misunderstanding of the rules as given...
The decision as made by Wittman is a clear one and I won't touch anything done by V; no problems at my end here

Posted by: Wittmann Dec 7 2009, 14:03

The issue is not with your post's as as you have not sent anyone the files using our site you are in the clear as far as is concerned - this is just to keep things tidy.

Basically if Vilas does not mind you posting your images go for it. If he does then I am afraid you may not display screens here involving the retextures but please do continue posting your screenshots, so long as they involve other addons/units/ect ect.
This is to prevent public arguments and drama which I can do without...

No-one is going to be punished over this matter for what has occurred thus far because, as I have stated, no rules have been broken as per this site and forum.

Posted by: topas Dec 7 2009, 14:10

Ok, what has been written in the conclusion of my last post; stands

QUOTE(Wittmann @ Dec 7 2009, 14:03) *
public arguments and drama which I can do without...

Same here.. wink.gif

Posted by: Rado Dec 8 2009, 05:15

Addons: ACE 2 and Adukes helo pack

Posted by: topas Dec 8 2009, 14:22

Just some old screens from the bottom of the drawer

Addons used: RHS T80 pack [ first A2 port from July with texture enhancements; updated version in production]

Posted by: Ruhisu Dec 8 2009, 23:26

ACE2 wub.gif

Posted by: topas Dec 10 2009, 02:21
RHS Armour [in development] / Namalsk

Posted by: Jeza Dec 10 2009, 15:52

Couple here; Addons: gnat'sSubs ACE-X, Stealth;

Posted by: Danickas0 Dec 11 2009, 03:22

Some of my photos

A: F-16, Su-33 , Rksl flares, Project 85.

Posted by: sabre Dec 11 2009, 04:07
Click for Hi-Res
Coalition SF supervise some ANA CDO rangetime.

[A:Johnny USSF/ardvarkdb SASR (Retextured)|RH M4/16 Pack|ACE2|Island Panthera]

Posted by: Ruhisu Dec 12 2009, 18:09


Posted by: Danickas0 Dec 12 2009, 18:43

Posted by: topas Dec 14 2009, 17:09

CAA1; OPX_Avgani; War_FX; NIM; ACE_2; ICP

Posted by: Ruhisu Dec 15 2009, 01:23

Outstanding job m8!!! smile.gif

Addons: ACE2, ICP, Dractyum T72

Posted by: Danickas0 Dec 15 2009, 04:57

A: Namalsk

Posted by: sabre Dec 15 2009, 07:55
Click for Hi-Res
Click for Hi-Res

[A:Johnny USSF/ardvarkdb SASR (Retextured)|OTK Anims|ACE2|Island Panthera]

Posted by: Ruhisu Dec 15 2009, 14:07

Addons: ACE2/ Quesh-Kirbul

Posted by: NSXr Dec 15 2009, 21:09

Soul Assasin's BMD-1s, various anims.

Posted by: Ruhisu Dec 16 2009, 23:28

Great shots NSXr smile.gif

Addons: ACE2/ Quesh-Kirbul

Posted by: Ardvarkdb Dec 18 2009, 14:59
(Click for Full Resolution)
Praying Mantis PMCs (WiP), [ADO] Quesh-Kibrul v1.0, ICP animations

Posted by: NSXr Dec 18 2009, 16:13

OTK&ICP anims

Posted by: Daniel Dec 19 2009, 17:11

Wow, quality shots there NSXr. The last one should be screen of the week.

R2.5 IFV Training

ACE2, UKF Weapons, Shnapdsdrosel's Mercs

Posted by: Daniel Dec 21 2009, 00:50

ACE2, UKF Weapons, Shnapdsdrosel's Mercs

Posted by: RobertHammer Dec 21 2009, 14:20

Yuri's MH60 an FDF Podagorsk wub.gif

Posted by: grensvegter Dec 23 2009, 09:25


Posted by: Ruhisu Dec 23 2009, 23:00

Quesh Kirbul

Posted by: Jeza Dec 24 2009, 14:09

Happy Crimbo All! smile.gif

Posted by: Ruhisu Dec 24 2009, 22:06

grensvegter could you send mi the sript with the graphics mode from EW if it is possible?
Or maybe you are just using ACE then sorry for the problem.

Posted by: Daniel Dec 26 2009, 03:35

Tried the new modules that can with 1.05 in the mission editor?

Posted by: Ruhisu Dec 26 2009, 21:18

Big thanks Daniel smile.gif
I've forgot about this modules


Posted by: Blackbuck Dec 26 2009, 21:59

The second one with the QBU-88 is quite a shot ohmy.gif

Posted by: Ardvarkdb Dec 27 2009, 14:28
(Click on picture for full size)
MGS4 PMCs for Arma 2 (WiP. Release as soon as I figure out how to create custom head proxies. Any help would be appreciated.)RobertHammer MGS4 weapon pack (will be released with units)

Posted by: vilas Dec 30 2009, 14:26

released addons BMP1, BMP2D, T80, Rygugu T55, my Abakan, Groza, SDVS

Posted by: Daniel Dec 30 2009, 19:18

British forces secure a bridge

StalkerGB's UKSF, UKF WMIKS & Weapons, FDF Podagorsk, ACE2

Posted by: topas Dec 30 2009, 19:42

It's not today yet; I know wink.gif
but I'm already in party mood and won't have time tommorow wink.gif


Posted by: raphael Dec 30 2009, 22:02

okay , mgs4 PMC in manga style ..... ( sorry my brain do bad thing sometimes )

EDIT : i forget the add-on used , quesh-kibrul and mgs4 PMC with the RH m4 pack

Posted by: Ruhisu Dec 30 2009, 22:37

Topas this is a great one XD

Posted by: NSXr Dec 31 2009, 03:10

A.:ACE 2, Quesh-Kibrul, SJB SAS, UKF Landrovers.

Posted by: Ruhisu Jan 1 2010, 02:08

Dragon Rising
How should it really look

Addons: OHPLA/Podagorsk

Posted by: raphael Jan 2 2010, 17:19

wow its really look like OFP2 , let me guess ... you just use a blue filter ?

Posted by: Ruhisu Jan 2 2010, 21:06

I've used the Namalsk - Cold Colour module smile.gif


Navy Seals/Quesh Kirbul/ACE

Posted by: grensvegter Jan 3 2010, 19:02

Swedish mod drunk.gif oops now correct

Posted by: D@V Jan 3 2010, 19:33

Surely Swedish?

Posted by: Blackbuck Jan 4 2010, 01:23

Indeed. Still nice AFVs though.

Posted by: Danickas0 Jan 7 2010, 07:15

Some of my screenshots.

A: Mi-28, vilas

Posted by: DEN20080 Jan 9 2010, 05:18


Posted by: D@V Jan 9 2010, 17:13

DEN20080, please list all AddOns used in your post.

Posted by: DEN20080 Jan 9 2010, 22:22

QUOTE(D@V @ Jan 9 2010, 19:13) *
DEN20080, please list all AddOns used in your post.

VDV Sarmat 1.0, dembelsky train (in process)

Posted by: Blackbuck Jan 10 2010, 02:26

You could of edited your original post...

Posted by: I44_John Jan 10 2010, 03:02

QUOTE(Blackbuck @ Jan 10 2010, 02:26) *
You could of edited your original post...

You both failed to spot the most glaring fault with that post tongue.gif

The "VDV Sarmat 1.0" addon was pulled from the newspage of this very website because the units contained pieces of someone elses work without permission from the original author wink.gif

"[17] No showcasing work modified for personal use if the original creator of the work objects

Members are prohibited from posting images or promoting modified work that is for personal use if the original creator of the works objects to their display. No action will be taken against the member save the removal of any posts dealing with these works alongside an explanation and a request not to post these works in any form on this site and forum again. Those who persist in posting whilst utilising this work will have action taken against them as the administration sees fit."

He didn't do the work himself, but he is showcasing it wink.gif

Posted by: fredoryan Jan 10 2010, 12:05

Addons: Arma II and Modul anims

Posted by: D@V Jan 10 2010, 13:51

I44_John, in the future please use the report button instead of back-seat moderating.

Bear in mind that we can't be expected to know the details of every AddOn that exists.

Posted by: resistance-rat Jan 10 2010, 21:27

Posted by: Blackbuck Jan 11 2010, 00:22

Erm. Interesting... o.0

Posted by: Blackbuck Jan 13 2010, 17:47

Me running away from lots of angry Americans with guns with Andy over my shoulders.
We don't to my knowledge have a multiplayer photography thread for ArmA 2 so this will have to do.

A: ACE2/ACEX and Everon.

Posted by: JynX Jan 13 2010, 17:57

Some times the team leader is just far to lazy to run away for himself biggrin.gif

Posted by: Blackbuck Jan 13 2010, 18:04

I was team leader on that one tongue.gif

Posted by: JynX Jan 13 2010, 18:08

True dat, in which case I use this as further proof of my first rule of ArmA/OFP/ArmAII combat: the medic dies first

Posted by: Blackbuck Jan 13 2010, 22:08

Yet I never die first when playing as one |:

Posted by: JynX Jan 13 2010, 22:35

That will change next time we play _

Posted by: Daniel Jan 13 2010, 23:47

That's a bad picture Blackbuck. In the good sense of the word. tongue.gif

81mm Mortar line deployed and about to fire

Returning to base

StalkerGB UKSF, UKF Weapons, ACE2, Podagorsk

Posted by: resistance-rat Jan 14 2010, 19:45

Posted by: Ruhisu Jan 14 2010, 23:42

@Daniel the second one would be a total awesome shot without this hud smile.gif

ACE/MODUL Sky & Static Anims

Posted by: Daniel Jan 19 2010, 00:16

Thanks Ruhisu! Just didn't look right cropping out the radar, same really.

Myself and Stones splatted by a Vodnik.
Next time will shoot first instead of diving for cover, shouting "contact, engage!" and getting shot to death in the foot.

Wings putting down the fire.

Griff gingerly peeks round his corner after blatting a Ruskie with his LMG.

Valdar nails a bad guy in the background as Tabber brings back Griff.

Tabber finally bites the bullets.

Area clear...

StalkerGB UKSF, UKF Weapons, ACE2, Podagorsk

Posted by: Jeza Jan 19 2010, 12:08

Truly Awsome shots there Daniel, get a great feeling for the op from those. smile.gif

Few from me:

Addons: caa1 faa terror/civil ACE2

Posted by: DEN20080 Jan 19 2010, 17:32

Posted by: D@V Jan 19 2010, 19:53

DEN20080: Repeated failure to list AddOns used. 12hr Post Restriction and 1 Warn Block.

Posted by: resistance-rat Jan 20 2010, 18:06

Posted by: Danickas0 Jan 21 2010, 22:51

Ace2 worship.gif , JTD fire and smoke , Nightstalkers Namalsk island

Posted by: D@V Jan 22 2010, 00:50

Danickas0 Please list all used AddOns. Especially Islands.

Posted by: Danickas0 Jan 22 2010, 15:13

Binkowski 2008 infantry, Isla Duala, Ch Armor pack, JTD fire and smoke.

Posted by: resistance-rat Jan 25 2010, 17:48

Posted by: D@V Jan 25 2010, 20:38

resistance-rat: Please check images are under 250kb in size, otherwise, provide a link to the pictures.

Posted by: resistance-rat Jan 25 2010, 21:18

QUOTE(D@V @ Jan 25 2010, 20:38) *
resistance-rat: Please check images are under 250kb in size, otherwise, provide a link to the pictures.
Sorry sad.gif I didn't check my post and i removed one pic. It have 287kb.

Posted by: Danickas0 Jan 25 2010, 22:18

Csj - The Few.

Posted by: D@V Jan 25 2010, 23:09

QUOTE(resistance-rat @ Jan 25 2010, 20:18) *
Sorry sad.gif I didn't check my post and i removed one pic. It have 287kb.

And the other one that's 259kb? You don't need to remove the oversized images entirely, just don't use image tags for pictures larger than 250kb.

Posted by: Daniel Jan 26 2010, 20:54

After a clearance patrol through Chernagorsk

Air Assault Training

CAS vengeance (my blackbird/raven/crow/seagull was catapulted across Chernarus shortly thereafter) biggrin.gif

StalkerGB UKSF, UKF Weapons, ACE2, Podagorsk

Posted by: Danickas0 Jan 27 2010, 01:24

Podagorsk, fromz pla mod, jtd fire

Posted by: sabre Jan 27 2010, 07:30

[A:ACEX|Binkowski 75th Ranger's Private Beta|Quesh-Kibrul (v 2.0)]

Posted by: Mr Truth Feb 2 2010, 19:35

uhhh... I'm first time here and i can't add my picture

Posted by: D@V Feb 2 2010, 21:49

Don't doublepost. It's the least original way of breaking the rules tongue.gif . If you want to add something within a a few hours, use the edit button, I can see you already know how it works wink.gif I deleted your first post, as it didn't contain anything visible.

Anyways, onto your problem; you can't link directly from your Hard Disk, you need to upload the image to a image hosting site (I personally use, but there are others) or a private server first.

You should get a URL to the image, if the file is under 250kb you can surround this with image tags:


Alternatively, you can just post the url, the forum will automatically turn it into a hyperlink.

You should also list any addons you've used in your post, if any. (If you haven't used any, you should specify, you should also make it clear if an addon is unreleased, it makes everyone's life easier)

Posted by: Danickas0 Feb 3 2010, 14:12

Usmc variety pack, Desert vehicles, Isla Duala, Jtd fire and smoke

Posted by: resistance-rat Feb 4 2010, 16:22

Prepare for AIRSTRIKE!

Posted by: resistance-rat Feb 13 2010, 16:52

Posted by: Ruhisu Feb 18 2010, 16:06

Funny that the RPG guy didn't even try to hit the Abrams and it seems that they are standing in front of the advancing tank for a while tongue.gif

After the rain sky gets clear and the runway is still wet smile.gif

Addons: Podagorsk/ Foot F-16

Posted by: thales100 Feb 19 2010, 13:18


Posted by: Blackbuck Feb 19 2010, 18:14

Please list all addons usesd. You have been warned smile.gif

Posted by: Jeza Feb 20 2010, 19:35

Addon f14

Here's a little bug im sure you all know about, but for those who dont...take a look at the afterburners, and then the speed in the top left:

Posted by: Elliot Carver Feb 21 2010, 19:29

Lo Folks,

"Carver enjoying himself for the first time in years"

Addons used:
ArmA2 Demo
Custom Skin
A crap PC

Rock on! thumbsup.gif

Posted by: Blackbuck Feb 21 2010, 20:29

Holy hell, what are you doing in this godforsaken place? You could of posted on FB and told me you were coming, I'd of baked a cake!

Posted by: Elliot Carver Feb 21 2010, 22:42

Rofl hey dude. Yeah i tried the demo and well i kinda liked it, i didn't want to but i did lol So im thinking i might have to save up some shrapnel and buy the thing. I also have genocidal amounts of free time coming up so i figure id kill it with some modding ohnoo.gif
Is this cake a multiple choice question? and does it involve death?

Posted by: Jeza Feb 23 2010, 02:24

Few brit'y one's from me:

Addons: ACE,ACEextra,Duala,rksl,chinhook,3para,ukflandies,tank

Posted by: Blackbuck Feb 23 2010, 13:19

@ Carver cyanide is bliss biggrin.gif

@Jeza, poor tank o.0

Posted by: grensvegter Feb 27 2010, 20:08

addons ace and cig taken during mp en route to assault another position

Posted by: _dlc_ Mar 3 2010, 16:37
Addons:Isla Duala, blackout infantry units (not released)

Posted by: Daniel Mar 4 2010, 18:24

In game with Romeo 2.5

FDF Podagorsk, UKF Weapons, STALKER UKSF, ACE2

Posted by: unknown Mar 8 2010, 18:05

RHS BMD-2, Vilas AK's pack, Isla Duala

Posted by: Danickas0 Mar 10 2010, 21:11

ACE 2, Razoreniya

Posted by: Jeza Mar 10 2010, 21:58

Few simple Jungle one's smile.gif
Addons: Razoreniya Island, ussf:

Just a night sky pic

Posted by: massi Mar 13 2010, 14:26


Posted by: Ruhisu Mar 15 2010, 23:08

Isla Duala/RHS BMD-2/SJB SAS/ACE2/VDV units by SARMAT

Posted by: Rado Mar 17 2010, 02:45
Addons: ACE 2, isla duala

Posted by: resistance-rat Mar 17 2010, 20:28

Nice ones Rado.

Posted by: massi Mar 21 2010, 14:52


Posted by: massi Mar 21 2010, 14:52


Posted by: Ruhisu Mar 24 2010, 20:56

+ the Blowout

Stalker units/ Namalsk/ ACE

Posted by: massi Apr 4 2010, 12:10


Posted by: massi Apr 4 2010, 12:11


Posted by: JdB Apr 5 2010, 18:29

Scenes from a mission made by Macolik.

A: Invasion 1944 - D-Day (work in progress)

Posted by: topas Apr 8 2010, 10:15

Polish patrol in the Ghazni province
Vil_NPL [retextured with permission]/NZX/Avgani/FFAA/NIM

Posted by: deadkilljoy Apr 12 2010, 21:31

Heres some Pics i made :8)

mods used
sbp slovenian unit (closest to croatian troops)

Posted by: unknown Apr 13 2010, 09:43

RHS BMD-2; Vilas АКs pack; Thirsk Island

Posted by: Ruhisu Apr 15 2010, 00:00


Posted by: zenger Apr 30 2010, 17:04
Russian architecture pak

Posted by: massi Apr 30 2010, 19:41

US Army SF captured Molatian high rank officer during joint US\Afrenian Ops

US Army Ranger perform a fast insertion to strike a priority target,, Duala.

Posted by: hetsar May 4 2010, 20:25

Smoke of a crashed A10, A US Unit had been sent out to search the remains.
Add-ons: None

British Challenger 2 on Training exercises.
Add-ons: UKF Challenger 2

Posted by: Binkowski11 May 10 2010, 21:45

A: Helmand Valley, 2005 US Infantry (WIP)

Click each for higher resolution and quality.

Posted by: ObamasHomeboy May 12 2010, 14:31

Leopard 2A6 destroying T-90 >250kb

See the Smoke...awesome game

Posted by: hetsar May 13 2010, 22:17

A German Army Huey dropping off troops

Mods: BW Mod + ACE

Posted by: Blondak May 21 2010, 10:26

So here is something what I made some hours ago:

Addons used:
Opteryx's Avgani map
ardvarkdb's TF86 Navy SEALs
Terrorists from FFAA

Posted by: Ruhisu May 21 2010, 12:26

[im][/im] >250kb

BW Mod/ Isla Duala/ TF86 Navy Seals

Posted by: Jeza May 24 2010, 22:07

Few new one's from me, Addons used SJBSAS,RKSL,HelmandValley,19thUkweaponsPrivateUse,(by 19thchris):

Posted by: enad1 May 30 2010, 17:07

Screenshot from Coop mission on Helmand Valley.
Break time:
A: Helmand Valley, NIM Weather, some private stuff.

Posted by: MiniMark May 30 2010, 18:27

You've been warmed numerous times about over sized images the fact that your signature is both dimensionally too big as well as in file size just got you another WB. Congratulations.

Posted by: grensvegter May 30 2010, 18:35

Jade Groove and CSJ air

Posted by: hetsar Jun 2 2010, 16:13

Here's another...
this took forever to edit in Photoshop
but it was worth it....

An RAF UAV stalking a BMP-2

No addons used

a Russian soldier watches in horror as the BMP-2 is blown up by an apache sent in by the UAV team

Posted by: Ruhisu Jun 8 2010, 20:56

Generation Kill/ Baghdad/ OTK/ TF86 Navy Seals

Posted by: sabre Jun 13 2010, 07:01
Click for Hires
Click for Hires

[A:ardvarkdb SEALS|RH Mk18's (Pers edit)|Razani (CAA1)]

Posted by: Jeza Jun 15 2010, 00:00

Removed *

Posted by: enad1 Jun 21 2010, 18:36

Trying my new Coop mission "Operation 69" with AI. It didn't work out too well. yammer.gif

Addons: Duala 1.6, Tropica, Desert Mercs, ACE2.

Posted by: D@V Jun 22 2010, 11:41

Enad1: Please list all Addons used in your post. Even if they are unreleased or for personal use.

Don't want to have to ban you, but you're at 80% warn, so watch your step.

Posted by: enad1 Jun 23 2010, 00:25

QUOTE(D@V @ Jun 22 2010, 06:41) *
Enad1: Please list all Addons used in your post. Even if they are unreleased or for personal use.

Don't want to have to ban you, but you're at 80% warn, so watch your step.

Oh yeah totally forgot that rule. Sorry. unsure.gif
Thanks for sparing me...
I'll edit my post now.

Posted by: Ruhisu Jun 24 2010, 20:42

Baghdad/ ACE 1.2 M1A2 TUSK/ TF86 Navy Seals/ SARMAT's IL-76/ USEC CH-53E

Posted by: enad1 Jun 26 2010, 05:50
Addons: Rangers by BadBenson and Fox09, Avgani, Helmand Valley, ACE2, RH.

Posted by: sabre Jun 28 2010, 07:25
Click for Hires
[A:STALKERGB MTP Infantry|UKF Weapons|UKF L115A3|Helmand Valley]
Click for Hires
[A:SJB SAS|ACEX|UKF L115A3|Island Panthera 2.31]

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