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> IC Arma Campaign 7 Begins - Battle 1 Report
post Apr 6 2009, 14:07
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IC-ArmA, the largest and longest running PvP Armed Assault Tournament has returned for its 7th full 10 week campaign. IC-ArmA holds the record for the most number of people in a single ArmA game (124 in September 2007). IC-ArmA utilizes two fictional armies using a rank based military command structureled by a High Command Staff to fight 3hr long PvP battles at 6BST every Saturday night. These battles consist of infantry, armor and air which result in the most comprehensive PvP battle experience you are likely to experience. There is absolutely no charge for random army assignments. This is a report on Battle 1.

***BREAKING NEWS*** BPA Victory on the Central Front. Region 3 Falls.

Last Saturday IC Campaign 7 got underway. Battle 1 was highly anticipated making use of a new mod and the new purpose built island, Alameda. The BPA launched a devastating opening move encircling the unprepared ARA forces quickly seizing the capital of Unity. Further to the north lies the key city of Granbury a major residential and industrial sector filled with houses and apartments with several farms on the outskirts. Its key feature is a gigantic ridge which dominates its southern flank. BPA troops surrounded the city and sprinted across open ground using smoke cutting off any ARA reinforcements. Bravo squad landed to the south, our embedded reporter managed to see some of the action. He told us, ‘from the minute they hit the ground they were forced to begin fighting sooner than they had hoped. A Pizarro tank shot down the road forcing them to dive for cover, thankfully their AT man quickly dispatched it. Unfortunately the battle was still not over, enemy snipers suddenly popped up on the ridge forcing a short fire fight. Their concealed positions gave them an advantage allowing them to deal with the enemy comfortably. We prepared to move out but another enemy tank, the formidable Leopard followed us up the road, we were forced to hide with BPA armoured support still miles away.’ However patience paid off, the BPA quickly gained air dominance allowing spotters to get into key positions to provide a large intelligence network. The battle had not lasted an hour and the BPA had already captured the area designated Region 3 taking with it Unity, Falsterbo and Granbury.

However the ARA recovered quickly. General Scarecrow of the ARA told us, ‘Well they had a good opening move, but I think that’s all they had, since we destroyed them in the following sector. Had we had 5 minutes more we would have pushed the sector.’ When asked on his opinion of the BPA, he replied, ‘I shot them dead while I heard the sound of my armour finishing them off, my armour rumbles a lot more now, I bet that scares the hell out of those BPA troops.’

Indeed, in the closing moments of the battle the ARA launched a devastating armoured counterattack on paradise. Two leopard tanks harassed the BPA destroying several tanks and slaughtering infantry of 1st and 2nd Battalion. The fires still burn in paradise with most of the town having been levelled. It was only by a cruel twist of fate and the brave heroic actions of H-Pvt.Darat in the dying moments of the battle which saved the BPA from retreating. Darat flew over an occupied town before ejecting to contest the region. The hero of the hour told us, ‘I think the BPA did a fantastic job maintaining the upper hand throughout the battle. Our 'Tiger' Anti-Tank gunship worked extremely closely with ground personnel from various companies whilst the vehicles on the ground were fed information by spotters and myself in the Mirage III. I maintain a healthy respect for all members of the Alameda Republican Army; they have put up an incredibly resilient fight.’

General MickD of the BPA isn’t growing too confident with his victory though, ‘I am pleased with how things went for the majority of the battle and there is plenty more to come from the BPA but I don’t believe each army is operating at 100% capacity yet. Both armies will have learnt a lot from this opening engagement and I think we are in for a tough and dogged campaign.’

The conflict looks to be a tough and bloody affair with the potential to swing either way over the next 10 weeks. The next move will belong to the BPA who hold Region 3, where they strike next we will have to find out next week. For more information on the conflict from our on the ground reporter visit this link: http://wander.ic-arma.net/ or if you want to sign up for free head to http://ic-arma.net/.
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post Apr 6 2009, 18:18
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Yea, we need more lads. Last time was just around 35vs35, that's definitely too little.
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post May 14 2009, 07:31
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***BREAKING NEWS*** ARA conquers the west. BPA in full retreat.

On General Scarecrow’s orders the open broadcast centre for the ANN was attacked by teams of Special Forces who took hostage several well known reporters. The ARA have taken control of the building and have begun a propaganda regime which is being broadcasted 24/7 preventing the usual weekly reports.

The current video looping on all main stream channels in Alameda is this:


The conflict between the BPA and ARA continued today with fierce fighting on the Western Front. The UN representatives have been conducting meetings throughout the week with the opposing generals but all hopes for a peaceful resolution have now been lost. There was talk about a mutual agreement to ground airplanes, as well as supposed talks about a cease fire to evacuate civilians from the battle zone as a gesture of goodwill. Unfortunately the talks ended when both generals left in anger. Apparently there were some bad words between them which were taken as offensive or perhaps there has just been too much bloodshed already between the sides.

When the fighting resumed it was a hot morning in Alameda. Civilians, who suffered, the most in this bloody conflict were tempted to leave their homes and grab some fresh air after the brief respite. Unfortunately as the clocks approached 1200 time seemed to slow; the ground started to rumble, wildlife ran for cover and the terrifying sounds of war resumed.

Distant sounds of battle could be heard coming from the town of Drayden. As the rumble of tanks became louder, the civilians fled to the east, only to be cut off by another ARA blockade. They knew of their fate and stopped running. But then, from the North sounds of another stampede started approaching their position giving them hope of rescue and the will to resist the Alameda Republican Army. They thought the BPA was coming. Little did they know of what was to happen... A cobra flew past, its blades beating the air, knocking them to the ground. To their horror it was the ARA Airforce who had come to prepare the area for a full scale assault. From that moment the bloodbath was yet again, inevitable.

Further comments are not available due to the actions taken by the ARA and the censorship ban which has been put in place. The continuation of this brutal conflict gave the ARA the advantage over the western plains. Will the BPA save the people of Drayden and secure the news network? Or will they be forced further back as their war machine struggles to find its feet. The people of Alameda need them. Find out next week or join the fight for free along with 80 others at http://ic-arma.net
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