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> World Invasion (W.I.P.), A mod expanding upon the events of the film "Battle: Los Angeles&#
post May 16 2011, 16:08
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Hello there,

Some of you may have already come across my thread on the B.I and Armaholic forums. I'm working on a "World Invasion: Battle..." series for the ArmA community. My first project is "Battle: Chernarus" . The premise involves seeing how the worldwide invasion as seen in the film "Battle: Los Angeles" unfolds elsewhere; specifically in the ArmA reality/universe.

At the moment, I'm going for a co-op campaign for the mod but with the consideration for an online PvP 'CTI' type mode in the future. Currently, I'm on my own (pour on the pathos) so I'm seeking talented individuals to help me realise my vision for the game. I specifically would like anyone who's adept at modelling and texturing, as I want to create original addons for the mod. In addition, it's quite possible I'll want to create a new island with perhaps an existing real-world city as the setting. In addition, I would like anyone with scripting expertise to help me too as I only have a limited working knowledge of scripting.

Here are the enemy units for the mod:

Infantry Caste

The Blaa Infantry Caste can be identified by their lack of grasping hands; instead, they have a weapon grafted onto each arm. Their average height is about 8'1". As of the initial invasion, they are estimated to be the most abundant caste, numbering about 25 million in total. It appears that they are deployed in columns, lead by a non-specialized officer.

Like the other castes, the heads of Blaa Infantry soldiers are nothing but sensory organs. All of their vital organs are concentrated behind layers of muscle and arteries in the right of their chests. A cooling system is also integrated into their body, with a heat-dispersing fan located in front of their organs. Unlike many of the other castes, they do not have as much machinery located on their back

IOfficer Caste

The Blaa Officer Caste (aka "Specialized Officer") is the easiest caste to differentiate from the rest, identifiably by their slender build and four mechanical legs. They are also the tallest caste with an average height of 9'4". The Officers are specialized in commanding groups of infantry, augmented by an unusually large, well-developed brain and very keen eyesight which has been supplemented with additional electronics. They are most likely the least numerous caste, as they number roughly 2,000,000. Blaa Officers have been seen to lead fire-teams of up to four Operations Caste soldiers as well.

The Officer caste have the most substantial amount of cybernetic enhancements. As their legs have been wholly replaced, they are able to move at speeds of up to 40kpm with relative ease. Their right arm has an implanted weapons system that trades firepower for accuracy, while their left grasping hand has been replaced by a mechanical claw

Operations Caste

The Blaa Operations Caste share many similarities with the General Infantry Caste, with a few notable exceptions. The Blaa Operations average about 6'11". The special forces appear to be a more intelligent Infantry soldier, expected to undertake specialized goals beyond that of simple shock troops. They also appear to be a middling caste, lacking the firepower of the Infantry and the intelligence of the Officer. While their strength is unknown, it is likely that they are between 25 million and 2 million in number.

Unlike the officer and infantry castes, the Operations have retained their left grasping hand and are able to make use of hand signals. Their weapons systems sport greater accuracy than those of the general infantry, but a less-powerful grenade launcher

Intelligence Caste

The Blaa Intelligence Caste is likely specialized in their namesake, gathering information and laying down lines of communication. Averaging about 5'10", the Intelligence caste are the shortest and stockiest of all known warrior castes. It is unknown how many Intelligence Caste members there are.

Unlike all other warrior castes, the Intelligence Caste lacks any integrated weapons systems. However, they retain the large amount of cooling and communications machinery grafted to their backs. The lack of weaponry is made up for by their ability to utilize both grasping hands, which they use to operate machinery and vehicles, such as driving ground artillery platforms and operating walking guns

*Infantry weapons*

All Blaa General Infantry soldiers use six-barreled machineguns with a mounted grenade launcher, although different Castes use different weapons systems. All Blaa General Infantry weapons use incendiary rounds with relatively low penetration, while their grenade launchers are capable of firing multiple rockets simultaneously.

While it is not known what Blaa ammunition is actually composed of, Blaa Wedge Ships seem to use white phosphorus for clearing out pockets of resistance during mop-up operations

Walking gun

The Blaa Walking Gun is more of an infantry support weapon than an actual vehicle. The Gun fires 16 small, guided missiles at a single target in order to destroy cover. While the gun is generally well-armored, a shot to one of the joints is able to temporarily stagger one, although the pulse jet engines at the rear of the machine are able to right it within a minute. Each walking gun is presumably operated by one of the Intel Caste members, as they are the only ones with two grasping hands. The guns are used to support both Operations and General Infantry during a battle.


Although the hovercraft is armed with two machineguns and two grenade launchers, it does not appear to be a front line vehicle. Instead, it is relegated to supporting areas that are deemed safe. The Hovercraft uses adjustable thrusters mounted on four independently moving pads to compensate for terrain, giving it great amounts of mobility at the cost of large amounts of exposure and little armor.

Water extractor

The Blaa Water Extractor is a specialized, partially biological pump that is used to move massive amounts of water quickly, growing as large as 100 feet in height. The Extractor's organs have been greatly reduced and compacted, leaving only organs that are vital to life functions. Extractors are highly intelligent and use an advanced form of communication to coordinate their actions for maximum efficiency.

The extractors are deployed along with the initial invasion force, landing off-shore and using modified tentacles to quickly pull water from the surrounding environment

Central hive

The Blaa Central Hive is a large structure that serves the field headquarters for a beach head. The Hives are deployed with each landing force and are buried in the ground once Blaa soldiers have secured a sizable area.

The Hives are more like mobile structures than actual vehicles. While they do have a means of lift, their propulsion is only enough to get them air-born; they must be towed from one location to another by drones. If the hive is targeted, it can use its drones as ablative armor, sacrificing them to protect itself.

The Central Hive also serves as a small airfield, as its main role is to serve as the field headquarters for a beach head and a coastal landing invasion. At the very top of the aircraft is where the communications relay is; though the aerial drones are autonomous, their orders are relayed through these towers. The connection needs to stay intact in order for all of the drones to function

The following pictures are from the "Battle: Los Angeles" game developed by Saber Interactive and published by Konami; they're not rendered within "ArmA 2"/"Operation Arrowhead"!

Wedge ship (drone)

The Blaa Wedge Ship is a type of drone aircraft, entirely reliant on a centralized command and control center to function.

The Wedge Ships are highly maneuverable, using pulse jet engines to make adjustments, as well as multiple exhaust engines. These exhaust engines vary in size and all of them are located at the back of the Wedge Ship. They are equally capable of reaching speeds of mach 7 or patrolling meters from the ground for enemies.

12 wedge ships are able to go into a saucer formation for greater protection and better firepower. They are all capable of dismantling/disabling in a matter of seconds, as well as forming together in a matter of seconds. The wedge ships use ELINT (Elctronic Intelligence) to detect enemy communications and home in on the source.

The Wedge Ship weaponry consists of a high-powered Directed-Energy Weapon. The DEW can be used to combine firepower with other wedge ships when they are formed into a saucer in order to maximize damage. At the back of the Wedge Ship are four extensions that are related to weapon-use. Wedge Ships also have a low-intensity spot-light mounted on the front of the craft

Here's a wiki page on the aliens:

Battle Los Angeles Aliens or 'BLAA'

You can get a more detailed description including schematics and drawings here:

Unidentified enemy

Here's a my trailer for the mod:

"Deployment" (MK.2)
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post May 16 2011, 18:28
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Looks very promising! Keep up the great work!
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post Apr 2 2013, 14:38
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Mods: I am aware of forum rule:

3.[ž5] Do not dig up old threads

However, I am looking to kickstart this project after it's been in the duldrums for two years and I think I have something 'significant' enough to post about to warrant an update. Right, that's the disclaimer part out of the way!

Seeing as I'm looking to work on this project again. I would like to know if anyone would be willing to create for me some 'black on white' character sheets. It's for the Infantry Caste alien. Here are some images:





Here's a link to the viral site with rotatable 3D models:

Unidentified Enemy

I'm going to use the ones I've linked above but they will be a bit distracting and an eyesore when creating the model. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

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