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Posted by: Ritchie Dec 25 2009, 22:08

Hello to anyone and all of you.
I am an Arma 1 fan who would like to learn the basics required for modelling. The only problem being I dont know much about it and need tuition.
If anyone can assist me, in anyway, I would appreciate some kind of response.
I dont usually participate in forums and from the very early posts I put up its small wonder, the responses have not been totally encouraging.
I am serious about learning to reskin and alter and change models.

Id like some tuition and assistance regarding
1) reskinning
2) model alterations
3) and any sites that are useful in helping with these ambitions.


arma 1 for the win

Posted by: GŁnter Severloh Dec 26 2009, 08:33

Check out this BIS Forums thread on Arma Modelling:

lots of topics there

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