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Armed Assault Info Forums _ Mission Editing & Scripting _ Raise and lower bar gate

Posted by: bambam Sep 15 2007, 01:21

I was on a server and noticed the bar gate was down and when approached it would raise. (neat eh)

Any idea how to do this. THey said it was with scripting and im only just learning some of it.


Posted by: Seven Sep 15 2007, 19:22

put a bluefor soldier on ur map as player (you)
put a bargate on ur map, name it "mygate"

now put a trigger on top of it, radius 5x5
Activation by BlueFor
set to repeat

activationbox: mygate animate ["Bargate", 0]
deactivationbox: mygate animate ["Bargate", 1]

if you want to have it closed at the start of the map put a trigger on the map,
conditionbox: true
activationbox: mygate animate ["Bargate", 0]

have fun happy.gif

Posted by: bambam Sep 16 2007, 12:34

Ah your great. If this works and i was female id give my self to you. But as im male im gonna just say thanks a hugeeee lot.

Posted by: Stawebopl Oct 15 2014, 11:01

I really liked this information.

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