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Armed Assault Info Forums _ Multiplayer _ Happy Easter and Falkland / Malvinas war new Mod

Posted by: CimaleX Apr 8 2012, 13:50

Hi ArmAII friends, thumbsup.gif
as you know 30 years have passed since the beginning of the Falklands / Malvinas war on 2nd April 1982, but sadly the community cannot find any addons / Mods for ArmAII.

Surpirsingly if we would see again a mod related to the Falklands / Malvinas war, the needed addons already exists with other mods, and need just some improvements / retexturing and general file organisation, the worst issue should be the terrain (the islands) but again with the references of the addons/mods made for Ofp and ArmA (and the cooperation of an terrain maker), in a relatively short period we should have again this nice historical mod alive, after 30 years it's a shame that the old Ofp and ArmA modders haven't ported to AII the great job made previously. helpsos.gif

Tell me please what do you think, and if it's possible not just bring to a new AII life the old related addons, but making something better and new, just collecting, retexturing and improving the already existing addons, in cooperation with the whole community instead of a single dedicated group. thumbsup.gif

Anyway my best wishes of Happy Easter. cool.gif


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