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Armed Assault Info Forums _ Addons - Work in progress _ USAF KC-130 For Arma1 And Arma2

Posted by: soldier2390 Nov 19 2009, 22:35

well as it says its a kc-130..i thought it might be cool once done! sorry dont have alot of time to explain much! but its still very much wip and needs alot of work! so far its just a non-animated probe! i plan to have this with the ability to re-fuel other inflight! the way i thought about how to do this is too, make it so in stead of flying up to the plane to re-fuel(like how u do with the fuel trucks), you fly up to one of the probes..with in a few meters or something, but dont worry you wont accualy have to nearly stick you nose throw it to get re-fueled...

and im hoping to get someone to script it so it retracts and maby a script were it will automaticly(like how autopilot\landing works) guide the other plane up to the tankers probes basket..while at the same time keeping the kc-130 leveled and maintaing speed with the re-fueling jet! this will come in usmc colors too!

things needed done:

.needs new basket..a better modeled one(mine sucks..if you look at it close)
.script to make fuel probe extend\retract and 'flow' in the air(to not look so strait)
.script to make "my desribed type" of automatic\scripted re-fuel process between tanker and jet
.maby new textures


p.s. i will be releaseing my usaf maryland ang c-130 for arma1 as well, including a usmc and usn versions for arma1(as my maryland ang c-130 is already in ill be updating my a2 usn c-130 with the new textures, thanks too eddyd for help with them)! up next my us navy p-3c orion for both a1 and a2(and for the record most if not all of my addons will find there way to a2 even if i dont say they will)

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