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> Enlistment for the 3rd Infantry Division, ROCK OF THE MARNE
post Dec 25 2006, 12:26
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Current commander: COL. R.de Cort

3rdID is aiming to be one of the most realistic units the ArmA community has got to offer, all trough 3rdID is new, we have a lot of knowledge to give players a very realistic experience. We aren't the so called clans that play wars against other clans, we aim to play 100% (Realistic coop's)

--Promotion System based on the US Army
--Realistic Environment in game with a lot of role-playing
--Maturity in and out game

Becoase we try to keep the unit as mature as possible we don't accept members under 16, this is becoase we have bad experiences with younger members,

In BCT short for Basic Combat Training, we learn our new recruits all the basic parts needed for the 3rdID. After Basic Combat Training you are assigned a MOS. For the MOS you chose you get additional training. Basic Training will take 4 weeks.
Basic training will consist of these 5 parts

--Basic Formations
--Rules and regulations of the 3rdID
--Basic Tactics
--Shooting Range
--Live fire exercise

3rdID consist of these 4 parts
-- Divisional HeadQuarters
-- 1stBn [Infantry, Vehicle Crewman]
-- 2ndBn[Armor, Air Crewman]
-- 435thDet. [Rotary and Fixed wing]


||Staff Positions ||

S-1-Personnel and Admistration officer [maximum of 3 man]
the S-1 makes sure everything related to the members is up to date this means keeping track of new and old members, keeping track of service records, administration of the forums

S-2-Military Intelligence officer
[Maximum of 2 man]
the S-2 does research on other units, addons, maps and modifications. Also the S-2 job is to make missions for the 3rdID.

S-4-Logistics Officer [Maximum of 4 man]
the S-4 keeps in track of everything owned by the 3rdID, this goes from Field Manuals to addons and maps. But also makes graphics for 3rdID members. S-4 has members that help improve 3rdID equipment.

the Military Police is also tasked under the S-4 the MP helps keeping a good order of discipline in and out game. This means moderation of the forum. But also investigate violations made by 3rdID members. According the violation MP members can set up a court marshal. MP members also provide security of 3rdID assets.

50A-Training officer
the 50A provides training for 3rdID members, there can be a maximum of 6 NCO's assigned as Drill Instructor. the DI's helps out the TO with doing trainings, and doing extra courses for members of the 3rdID

||Officer Positions||

a 3rdID officer makes sure their Platoon, Company or Battalion is in constant operational readiness. There won't be any enlisted-officer promotion. There are special classes for Officers, officers are hand picked by HQ members if they think they are good enough. A officer has a very great amount of responsibility in keeping his man fully trained, a officer isn't only important in-game but also outside with doing administration

153B- Fixed wing pilot

the Fixed wing pilot flies within the 435th Detachment, a fixed wing pilot can be a fighter, transport or recon,
the Fixed wing pilot is one of the hardest jobs within 3rdID. Fixed wing pilots need to make a minimum of 3 flight hours a week to keep trained.

153A- Rotary Pilot
A rotary Pilot is a warrant officer and is expected to become a expert with his helicopter, but also maintaining it. this means Rotary pilots also need to make a minimum of 3 flight hours a week. As a rotary Pilot you can be assigned as a transport helicopter or as a attack helicopter pilot. According what we need

||Enlisted Posistions||

11B- Infantry man
As a infantry Rifle man your job is following orders from higher ranking officers. The higher you become how more man you can command. As a Infantry rifleman you are expected to handle a wide variety of weapons this goes from a m16a2 till a M240G and from a AT-4 till a STINGER system.
the Infantry is the main force of the 3rdID you may end up driving around light vehicles (HMMWV's and 5T trucks) or end up fighting close combat against a enemy you don't see.

19K- Vehicle Crewman
Vehicle crewman can be a crewman on a airborne vehicle but also on a ground based vehicle. to a rotary aircraft as a vehicle crewman will undergo the same Warrant Officer school their pilot counterparts are assigned to and in turn will recieve Warrant Officer status.
When tasked under a ground based vehicle you can be assigned as a gunner, commander or driver according to what we need.

If you are thinking of joining don't hesitate to PM me or visit 3rd Infantry Division Website

COL. R.de Cort
Commanding Officer of the 3rd Infantry Divsision
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post Dec 25 2006, 17:03
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Website doesnt load for me. Do you have Teamspeak and/or dedi server?


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post Dec 26 2006, 11:41
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Hmmm... strange try the other url: http://3rdid.freehostia.com/home/index.php iam working on the Teamspeak though. Could take up to a couple of days. the Dedicated server will probably take a little longer
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post Dec 26 2006, 22:51
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Welcome to our first new member PV2 Arsis *S*
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post Dec 27 2006, 12:12
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we got our JOOMLA website up and running make sure to check it
http://3rdid.freehostia.com/web/joomla/index.php we are still fine tuning the website with adding stuff etc. So it's not 100% done
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