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Posted by: Snake Man May 21 2013, 13:39

ArmA 3 - Vietnam: The Experience, Preview

Vietnam War Mod goes to ArmA 3!

This is only a preview version of VTE which includes;

These are old models ported from existing ArmA 2 VTE. We are now looking for 3D modeler and texturer to join our team so we can make new content for ArmA 3. Anyone interested, please contact me. We are fully aware that especially the vegetation models look low polygon / resolution, no need to mention that thank you.

Depending on the feedback on this preview release we will continue tweak it, however later date we plan on porting (with help of new modeler/texturer) the full VTE to ArmA 3. If no feedback is given as its been most often the case, this is the only release. Please provide some feedback, it is very much appreciated.

See also for more details.

Download - 142mb
Mirror 1:
All mirrors are very much appreciated, thank you.

Posted by: Fr3eMan May 21 2013, 21:10

I test it immediately!! thumbsup.gif

Posted by: Hornet85 May 23 2013, 15:09

Downloading biggrin.gif

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