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Posted by: arremba san zorzo Nov 14 2011, 08:10

in this time, PedagneMOD are working on two ways:

1) is the "Progetto Flotta", that is a spin-off of the mod totally dedicated to give two fleets (red and blue) to the game;

great Mankyle at config and scripting, Arremba San Zorzo at modelling.

Below, You will find a basic video in-game at low resolution about the WIP fleet:

and below some screenshots high resolution of the Patrol Boat and the Italian FREMM frigate:

If you want to know all news about the "Progetto Flotta", just link here:

2) is the work of fixing and upgrade about "classic" addons, new or exiting.
Thanks to the precious and patient work of Lupo at config and scripting, we try to give a results cleared by bugs. Our goal is to release a mod that completely fine work, with the official game-release of BIS, ArmA2 and Operation Arrowhead.
Next release, will be about the work of fixing by Lupo on ASZ_PersoneIT (characters), ASZ_Beretta (weapons beretta) and ASZ_ndd_weapons (others weapons); it will be also a translation of all strings "displayname" - we are working also to the translation (only in english) of the strings "library".
With this release, will be also new textures of some soldiers, with variants on digital camo (wood and desert). This is possible thanks to MASSI that gave this digital textures. Below some photo of new digital camo:

Looking farther, to others releases in the future, will be the project of Beretta2, where you will find new rifle ARX160, and past rifles of MAB and FAL BM59.
About vehicles, is near to be finally complete the remodelling of light truck VM90 and the release of M109. Thanks a lot to the guys of the PRACS that gave the model.
If you want to know all news and photos about the work of fixing and upgrade of exiting PedagneMOD, just link here:

...and more, more, more over...
Stay in touch for new news!

Posted by: maxjoiner Nov 15 2011, 11:07

the most beautiful MOD for ArmA2! thumbsup.gif

Posted by: arremba san zorzo Nov 15 2011, 15:49

Thanks very much, mate rolleyes.gif

QUOTE(maxjoiner @ Nov 15 2011, 11:07) *
the most beautiful MOD for ArmA2! thumbsup.gif

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