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Armed Assault Info Forums _ Multiplayer _ Clan recruitment Rules *PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING*

Posted by: D@V Jul 8 2010, 12:39

It has come to my notice lately that many such threads are being posted without any member bothering to check the rules of the board.

Advertising your squad or clan and recruiting here is a privilege not a RIGHT, so please, since you are getting the free means to advertise your squad, have a discussion on your merits and how wonderful you all are in a community forum with much less restrictive rules on how you do so than the BIS forum please do us the favour of at least adhering to those rules we do have.

Biggest offenders are
1) Repetitive bumping of a thread by the same member within a short time span, please use the EDIT button or post after some time has elapsed otherwise
2) Sig sizes. 600 x 100 max. Under 250kb. DO NOT breach this.
3) Image sizes. Under 250kb, no matter what. Not even 251kb. 250 and under only thanks.Do not use multiple images to make a single one either.

If you adhere to these basic rules, there is no issue, however the staff are sick of constantly finding breaches of these very simple rules by members who only sign up to promote their squad. As such PRs and locking of threads will be considered for those who offend. The rules are found on every forum root page highlighted in red, and now this thread is here and pinned. Ignorance is not an excuse.

On the other hand. clans/squads are to commended for their friendly manner, lack of squabbling and general conduct to date, and we thank you for this. Enjoy the forums and good luck and best wishes to all your squads and clans.We hope many of you become active members of our forum community.

Wittmann - English Forum Admin

TL;DR version: Basically, you guys break the rules more than anyone else, so we need this thread.

Also, be aware this forum is for Operation Arrowhead. And only for Operation Arrowhead. If you want to recruit for ArmA.2, post in the ArmA.2 section, if you want to recruit for ArmA.1, post in the ArmA.1 section, if you want to recruit for OFP, post in the OFP section, if you want to recruit for Counter Strike, Battlefield, Call of Duty or anything else, do it elsewhere!

On a side note, if you're recruiting for both ArmA.2 and Operation Arrowhead, having threads in both sections won't be treated as crossposting smile.gif

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