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Armed Assault Info Forums _ Addons - Released _ Irish desert units

Posted by: The_Blink May 28 2009, 13:23

version beta 2 realeased
changes,added L96 for marksman
added USP to some units

a reskin of stalkerGB's irish DF units.Form woodland to the newly introduced desert pattern,it is afaik used by the ARW ,and is used in Chad/EUFOR i added that patch too

credits(a few)
stalkerGB and BOSS for the model and letting me change the pattern

wld247 for letting me view configs(although i understand it get it tongue.gif )

AAW for the styers

RHS for the USP

bit of woodland shows on his shirt under the vest
no mouth movement
cannot run desert and woodland units together

inter link the too patterns so no clashing

please any hints,tips,bugs or suggestions or comments please post

i hope you like it XD

needed addons
UKF L96(included)
AAW styers(included)
RHS pistol pack

btw my name is MyShuno on the bis forums

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