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Armed Assault Info Forums _ Multiplayer _ 3rd Infantry Division is now recruiting - We need YOU

Posted by: NorScott Jun 9 2013, 12:05

3rd Infantry Division Recruiting

The 3rd Infantry Division is a Tactical Realism unit that have a great chain of command structure, updated and active webpage, active members, squads, platoons and good leaders/soldiers.
If you are tired of the "random" games in ARMA2, visit our web page for new missions, teamplay, real life army tactics, training sessions and much more. We are a multi national gaming community. We have a lower age restriction at 15+

Enlistment is your first step toward becoming a soldier in the 3rd Infantry Division. The process starts by visiting our website, signing up for our forums, and posting an application in the Enlistment Office. After that, you will be guided through the process by our RRO staff until you become one of us. One of the best parts about this unit is that we understand you have a life to live. We do require some activity, but that activity can be shown in many ways. Once you are a soldier in the 3rdID, you'll be put to the test.

Happily to see you on the field soldier!

Best Regards

3rd Infantry Division
2nd Squad, 2nd Fireteam Leader
Recruiting & Retention Office (79R Recruiter)
Xfire - norscott

Posted by: NorScott Jul 15 2013, 15:37

3rd Infantry Division have partnerred with the 1st Reconnaissance Batallion. Which provides task organized forces in order to conduct amphibious, ground, battlespace reconnaissance, shipping and raid operations, via specialized insertion and extraction.

Posted by: NorScott Oct 25 2013, 02:14

We are now a ArmA 3 US Army realism unit. We pride ourselves in professionalism and excellence. We have around 30 members for ArmA 3. We require that you are 15+. Upon completion of your Enlistment Application you will be processed and interviewed. If you pass your interview then you will be assigned to an active duty combat role in one of our squads. We work with Rank structure and Chain of Command from reallife US Army. As a soldier in 3rd Infantry Division you will also receive your own Pfile showing your progress throughout your career in our unit. You will also be given a personal uniform showing your awards, ranks, missions and medals. (Forexample, our Company Commander's Uniform, Major J.LaFlash; ).
Visit our website for more information at or hop on our TeamSpeak3 channel:

We need you soldier!

Best Regards

CPL D.Scott
3rd Infantry Division
2nd Squad
Recruiting and Retention Office (79R) Senior Recruiter
Xfire: norscott

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