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Armed Assault Info Forums _ Addons - Work in progress _ Check_selections.bio2s and merge_points.bio2s

Posted by: Linker Split Jan 22 2008, 00:21

Today i started making some O2 Scripts, and i came with these 2 ones:


Check if the selections of a typical car exist.

-->Open the car model which you want to debug (i.e. an hummer)
-->Run the script.
-->If any important selections are missing (such as "pravy predni") an output window will be shown.

The current script is CASE SENSITIVE, which means that you have to
write the selections keeping attention to both capital and small letters.
I'll try to correct it in future version (or if you want, do it).

Merge all the points which distance is < of the number you specify.

-->Select the whole model (or only a part of it) of which you want to merge some points.

-->Open the script with a notepad, and change the variable "_dis" to any number you want: the number indicates the distance between the selected points to merge. The higher the number, the more points will be merged.
-->Save again the file
-->Run the script.
-->All the points which distance is < _dis will be merged.


I found the utility of check_selections.bio2s to see if I missed some selections (such as levy pradni or Hatch_1) making my hummers for the BHD MOD.
Merge_points.bio2s is very useful when you want to reduce the amount of points and faces of a RES LOD, maybe cause you can decide the distance between the points to be processed, so for example distance=0.2 will not allow the script to process points which distance is > 0.2, but only < 0.2 and so on...

Check them, I know they are very simple scripts, but keep in mind that O2 scripting is a complete new terrain for me wink.gif

Linker Split

Posted by: Linker Split Jan 23 2008, 00:28

Ok here is another one, i think this time useful to speed up your making model work:

ADD_RVMAT.bio2s (~1Kb)
Automatically add all the needed RVMAT to the selected model in the LOD.

-->Select the part of the model you want to apply your RVMATS (or even the whole model).
-->Run the script, it will add all the needed RVMATS acording to the texture which you used to map your model.

I assume that you made textures using the texture naming rules (so _CO and _CA for your models) otherwise this script will not work properly.

you have a cube with 2 faces mapped with texture "path\mytex_co.paa", 2 faces without textures, and 2 faces with texture "path\mytex.pac". If you select the whole cube, and execute the script, then you'll have:
2 faces "path\mytex_co.paa" with material "path\mytex.rvmat"
2 faces "path\mytex.pac" with wrong material file name "path\my.rvmat"
a window will pops up twice saying that 2 faces has not textures on them

Hope you'll need it, I use it very very often smile.gif

linker Split

Posted by: SEA DEMON Nov 28 2009, 15:25

can you give me this scripts? send scripts to my mail seademon A yandex point ru. Big thanks

Posted by: Linker Split Jan 28 2010, 00:41

I am really really sorry but i don't have them anymore sad.gif
maybe you should send a PM to DeadEye asking him to try to retrive them from the site sad.gif

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