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Armed Assault Info Forums _ Site polls _ APEX post-release expectations

Posted by: Old Bear Aug 23 2016, 09:33

So ... what do you expect ? cool.gif

Posted by: pMASTER Aug 23 2016, 16:03

A repair tool? What's that mean? biggrin.gif

Posted by: D@V Aug 24 2016, 00:07

a new Enfusion based Arma Game announcement

This is what'd most likely fit BI's MO. But what do I know, right? I still haven't lived down thinking Take On Helicopters was an april-fools joke. (I mean, come on! You don't make serious announcements on April 1st! Not unless it's something completely unbelievable, then you just play it straight, and everyone's like "Ho ho ho, Dave said he put rat poison in our food so we'd never be able to mention that time he thought 'Take on Helicopters' was an April Day Joke, what a clown!", but who's laughing now, huh?! WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!?!... erm... sorry, got lost in the moment a bit there...)

Though, I swear to god, if the logo is some variation of this, I am going to self-immolate. Like one of those Tibetan Monks.

(Actually, I guess I did kinda get the last laugh, since they ended up releasing "Zombie PreLC" in the form of the standalone DayZ, which was their actual april fools that year, so, yeah... woop? I suppose? Anyone got a party popper?)

Posted by: pMASTER Aug 24 2016, 21:04

That's actually a pretty decent logo right there.

Posted by: D@V Aug 25 2016, 01:47

QUOTE(pMASTER @ Aug 24 2016, 21:04) *
That's actually a pretty decent logo right there.

Maybe, but try pronouncing "4RIV|4".

Posted by: pMASTER Aug 25 2016, 05:27

AAAARRRRIBA! un dos tres blues.gif

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