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> 3rd Brigade,25th Infantry Division
LTC S.Self
post Jul 11 2011, 16:53
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25th Infantry Division

Here at the 25th Infantry Division, we are a Military Realism or MilSim. We do expect people that join our unit or servers use common courtesies and respect not only for the 25th members, but to fellow gamers. We aren't so strict that you will be getting up at 0400 to get dress for PT. We are here to have fun and play ARMA for what ARMA was designed for, Military Tactics. Thank you for taking the time to see what we have to offer:

-Access to a 32-man Public Server provide by Defconservers.com. This for the time being, will also serve as the training server
-A 75-man TeamSpeak 3.0 Server
-Weekly unit training events to focus on the upcoming Operations. Light Training events throughout the week focus on the individual elements.
-A focused and in depth basic training course to acquaint new recruits with the structure of the 25th, SOPs, Chain of Command and basic infantry skills. Once passing basic and earning the rank of Private, members will be assigned to a team for further specialized training. (Military Personnel will achieve a higher rank in the 25th, we will match the rank achieved in your career.)
-Opportunities for continued training and advancement. Infantry leadership courses for Fire-team Leaders, Squad Leaders. OCS for members to obtain an Officer position. Active promotion schedules.
-Friendly atmosphere, you don't have to an Elite Gamer, that's why we have training. If someone adversities that they are Elite, well no need to apply, you are beyond us.
-Most importantly we ask that you accept the fact that this is a MilSim and follow the common military courtesies and respect, also the fact we do use the US Army Military COC.


2-27 Infantry Regiment - Open
11A Infantry Officer
11B Infantryman
11C Indirect Fire Infantryman
11Z Infantry Senior Sergeant

3-7 Field Artillery - Closed TIll more members
13A Artillery Officer
13B Cannon Crewman
13F Fire Support Specialist
13M MLRS Crewmember
13Z Field Artillery Senior Sergeant

3-4 Cavalry Armor - Closed TIll more members
19A Armor Officer
19K Armor Crewman
19Z Armor Senior Sergeant

3-25 Aviation - Closed TIll more members
153B Pilot
153D Pilot
143C Pilot
09W Warrant Officer Candidate

All Staff and Assistant Staff Positions
31B Military Police
68W Combat Medic
88M Motor Transport Operator
88Z Transportation Senior Sergeant

- 16+ years of age and the ability to make trainings based around U.S. EST
- Teamspeak and working Microphone
- Copy of ARMA II
-Copy of ARMA Operation Arrowhead

http://tf181.hostzi.com/index.php or is the website until they get the domain name setup. You may also reply to me via Private Message or email to 25threcruiter@gmail.com
Teamspeak info *Even if you're not joining, you are welcome to hang out in TS3 with us*

-Address: ts3.defconservers.com:10011
- Password: 25th

Server Names
- [25th]25thInfantry Division*Recruiting* (

We need help with Modding for Training/Operations.

Sorry for the length of the recruitment post, but we have alot of positions to fill. I hope to see you on the server and in the Teamspeak Server..........Happy Hunting.

COL Larry Coleman
Brigade Commander
3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division

LTC Scott Self
Brigade XO
3rd Brigade, 25th Infantry Division
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post Jul 19 2011, 03:53
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I would just like to warn everyone about this Clan and how they are when they are on their own server. They are extraordinarily intolerant of other players. On their Insurgency server they kick any player who is on the Opfor side and manages to kill them, since its not fun being killed, only killing the Opfor player several times in a row with little chance of winning is their idea of being within the guidelines of server policy.

Their own Admins when asked about server rules and policy's are very rude to simple questions about game play and what would qualify as a reason to be kicked and/or banned.

These people claim to have a realistic server atmosphere, but it is anything but that. Be warned, if you want to be part of a serious "realism" clan, this isn't what you are looking for. But if you like people who act like they belong back in High School, then I would highly recommend joining them and wish you the best of luck.
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post Jul 19 2011, 14:01
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Gee, I wish we had one of them doomsday machines.
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