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Posted by: Red Star Elite Mar 31 2012, 20:05

Hey everyone

It's not a huge job, just wondered if anyone wouldn't mind just doing this for me in their spare time at some point?

All I want is an M4, but with a shortened barrel. Something like this if notb exactly:,r:21,s:0&tx=59&ty=86

Bad picture for an example but that's what i'd like if anyone has a spare few minutes to do it

Much appreciation to anyone who can do this for me thumbsup.gif (apologies if this is the wrong forum)

Posted by: D@V Apr 1 2012, 13:23

Tried Should be what you're looking for in there.

Posted by: Red Star Elite Apr 1 2012, 15:04

I have, there are some variants similar to it, but none of them have Iron Sights like the ones in the example pic. Fussy I know

Posted by: D@V Apr 1 2012, 18:16

I could swear RH did a stubby M4 just like that... unsure.gif have you checked his M4/M16 pack? There might be one in there.

Posted by: Red Star Elite Apr 7 2012, 17:31

There are some variants of CQB M4s in there, but nothing like the ones in the picture. Everything i've found in addons are modern variants, the ones in the example picture are more like the variants that were used alongside the M16A2

Posted by: D@V Apr 7 2012, 21:50

So you want a Colt Model 733, like in OFP, then?

Should be one in one of Vilas's weapons pack, or in CWR. (Everyone calls them XM-733s because BIS did back in the day... personally, I blame airsofters!)

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