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> Project Red Bear, 13th SOAG's OPFOR Mod
post Sep 19 2009, 18:13
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As many people have noticed, there is a decided lack of all things Russian in A2. So we have decided to change it.
What this will contain is a CTI style map/Vehicles/Units/weapons some stock and some non stock. The final release will be down-loadable as a complete package.
This is still partially in the planning stage what were looking for is people to come onboard to help create this and see it to the end and as always suggestionsa are greatfully received

The main Mission will be a Mix of domination style play with Warfare style elements and Evolution Style elements to make the game as varied and challenging as possible.
Some of the elements in the Mission/map:
Full use of the Chernarus and Saharani map and islands.
Domination style game play but instead of 1 main target and a secondary there will be 1 main and 2 to 3 secondary missions which will be totally random.

Each Town, totaling 20-30 will be totally random in their content.
Secondary objectives will be totally random,side missions with varying levels of difficulty and content and you'll never know how they might impact the main mission.
Instead of low to non-exist ant air cover.The air cover from enemy will be more realistic.
counter attacks will be apart of each main mission and can come in waves.
Possible features will include;
The need to spend Rubles to buy and repair your gear and buy ammo so each commander will have to be on his game. Or;
Have supply routes throughout the map to feed player bases with regular updated kit and equipment. With limited or no supplies reaching the players base if/when the routes are captured or intercepted.

Also you may find that more than one town or secondary objective might become active at the same time, creating a second front.
The aim of Operation Red Bear, is to put the Russian armed forces against the CDF.
We also aim to have properly fortified towns instead of pieces of kit here there and every where.
Proper AA sites and Working Mobile artillery.
Tactical minefields(depending on fps hit)
Air reinforcements paratroop ed in with C-130 or equivalent instead of unrealistic helicopter. Or if a working Fast Rope system can be implemented.
more realistic ballistic system and load-outs for each soldier class.
Proper webbing and ammo storage system if plausible.
This would be a total coop mission with a TvT release at some point.
Full and comprehensive range card list.

Units Available to Opfor:
All the standard ones that come with ARMA 2 but there will be:
Armour: BTR 80's/T-80's/T-90 command/CHIORNY ORIOL (BLACK EAGLE) Main Battle Tank/2 S 19152 mm HowSP2 (art mobile) the GAZ-2975 "Tigr"
Air (rotor): Mi-28/ka-50/Mi-26. Plus new variants of the Hind.
Fixed wing: MiG 29/An-225/AN-70/SU-35

We will also try to authentically replicate all camouflage patterns/load-outs for all ground/air vehicles.
Ground troops will also be using authenticate setups i.e.
Spetsnaz squads/engineers/pilots/Armour crews/gunners/sniper teams all with proper camouflage.
We will try to make sure that all weapons currently used by the Russian army/air force is applied.
As we go along more things will be added to this list with in the next few weeks and months we hope to create a to-do list for all to check in on.
We are Actively Looking for several people to become involved in this project including:

3d Modelers
Missions writers
Story writers

Please Visit our Site at www.13th-soag.co.uk links to our forum and wiki are there.
Also you can emal me at rogue.trooper@live.com
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post Sep 20 2009, 15:03
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A screeny from one of the choppers were working on:

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post Sep 23 2009, 17:04
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Looking nice, can't wait to see more russians in this game. Like the very various infantry battlesuits.
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post Sep 23 2009, 18:48
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The following is the entire todo list that Project Red bear will feature.

@Spacesoviet we will be doing new units etc


* Spetsnatz~(Officer/medic/at/demo/marksman/fire team leader/machine gunner)
* Pilots
* Tank crews
* Engineers


* btr 80/90's
* T-72B
* T-80's
* BMP-T Terminator
* Smerch Multiple rocket launcher
* T-90/T-90 command
* Buk-M1-2 air defence system
* SA-13 Gopher
* btr 60 - 70
* T-55
* Bmp 1+2
* Sa-6 gainful
* Strela-10M air defence missle system
* 2S19152mmHowSP2(art mobile)
* GAZ-3937 GAZ-39371"Tigr"
* Tunguska
* Shilka
* BMP-3


* Mi-2
* Mi-6
* mi-17
* mi-8
* Mi-28
* ka-27
* ka-50/2
* Ka-60
* mi-26
* mi-8
* new variants of the Hind Mi-24VM(35)


* SU-23
* SU-25
* SU-34
* SU-35
* An-2
* An-12
* An-26
* An-70(atlas)
* mig-35(fulcrum)
* mig-29
* su-2
* su-34
* su-35
* MiG-Skat UCAV
* Yak-130
* An-72/74
* Il-76
* Mig-29(smt)
* TU-95(bear)




* AEK-971 rifle
* AN-94 "Abakan" assault rifle
* "Groza" OC-14
* OTs-14 assault rifle
* ADS dual-medium
* amphibious underwater assault rifle
* OSV-96 large caliber sniper
* anti-materiel rifle
* SSK Vychlop ("Exhaust") silenced sniper rifle
* PP-2000
* SR-3 Veresk
* ak47 pso
* k47 underslung
* ak47/74 with side fold stocks


* Webbing system
* 4D-2MV PRO(nv)
* Kornet-E at guided missile system
* KHRIZENTEMA-S sp anti-tank guided missile system


Please be aware this is only possible becouse of the community taking part we have many projects to complete and we hope you will all par take, This will be one of the best addons and projects for arma 2.

So if you have some spare time and are looking for a challange dont forget were allways here and needing help, if you can do anything thats above then please get in touch and we will be more then happy to help you with anything we can help you with.

We will also need some mission maker's becouse whats the point in having all these addons and mods if we dont have any mission's to test them with? So if you dont mind using opfor troops and equipment then please contact us at once and we will be happy to bring you in.

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