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> Regiment of International Forces: Land and Aerospace
post Apr 21 2012, 12:30
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I. Introduction

The Regiment of International Forces: Land and Aerospace is a new ArmA 2 community which puts the emphasis on simulating
realistic military doctrines and structures. We're new as a community, but our members have years of experience when it comes
to military simulation and leadership inside and outside ArmA 2. We offer a unique military simulation experience for new members
and we would be glad to help and explain certain things to new members.

II. Structure and Organisation

As “Land and Aerospace” suggests in our name displayed above and elsewhere, we put the emphasis on using a highly effective
combination of different roles and tasks for each asset that we offer such as an Airwing and an Infantry section. Our ranking system
and doctrines are loosely based on the system of several Western-European armies and specifically the British Armed Forces.

III. Training

We have a unique training system, in which new soldiers can easily move along with the pace and possibly enhance the chance of getting
promotions and/or ribbons for effort. We try to train as much as possible in order to keep both the Infantry section and the Airwing as
smooth and combat-ready at all times as much as possible

We have pre-set training days on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 19:00 GMT. Even though we have these pre-set training days, our training
isn’t always the same though, we include a lot of variety in our training schedules. We can train simple things like Formations to advanced
areas like Close Quarters Combat and other practices.

IV. Deployment

Every Sunday at 19:00 GMT we organise a certain mission or deployment. This means that all the soldiers and pilots will be deployed to a combat
area which is usually in a foreign environment/country. We always place the order of battle and the briefing on our forums to inform the soldiers
of an upcoming mission or deployment.

The lessons taught from previous training sessions come in very useful here. This is where all the soldiers are put to the test to see if they have
understood the lesson behind a previous training session. These deployments are usually part of a campaign, a series of missions aligned with a
story behind it.

If the soldiers has participated in at least two missions of a campaign, he will be awarded with a special ribbon of remembrance to that specific campaign.
Aside from that, he may also earn other awards or ribbons for exceptional skill together with members of his section.

V. Infantry section and Airwing


Our Infantry Sections are the bulk of our organisation, they form our ultimate power on the battlefield against enemy soldiers and those who want
to harm us. To their disposal are several lightly-armoured vehicles and a number of notable British firearms and other NATO/European weapon systems.

Their task may seem simple in general, but it has proven to be a very difficult task because of all the enemies and setbacks they have to endure. Luckily,
our training programme makes these soldiers as prepared as possible. This means that they should be combat-ready at all times. It may seem that the
general point of our Infantry Section is to eliminate any opposition or enemies, the reality is far away from that. Outside of active-combat missions, the
Infantry Sections also deploys on scenarios like convoy escorting or compound/base protection missions.

Recruits are usually assigned to one of our Infantry Sections when they have passed their recruitment phase and have shown to be a soldier worthy of
bearing under one of the Infantry Sections.


Working narrowly together with the Infantry Sections, our Airwing has a few differences that distinguish them from general Infantry. The Airwing is the
secondary fighting force in our community. Aside from that they carry a big responsibility in terms of (logistical) support.

The Airwing has a very wide amount of tasks, they have a big role in supporting the Infantry Sections when it comes to logistical support. An example of
the logistical support is the transport of troops from point A to B. Even though it doesn't sound like much, transport of Infantry from locations is very
important for overall success and efficiency of a mission. But it isn't only the transport of Infantry Sections, but also special vehicles like armoured
land-rovers and stuff like ammunition but also very important things like medical supplies and static weapons. Again these logistical items are of huge
importance to the overall success of a mission/deployment.

Support isn't exclusively logistical, there are a number of other roles that are also very important for the Infantry Sections to function normally. An example
is direct or indirect fire support from the skies above. Intelligence reports are the additional ears and eyes of the Infantry sections on the ground.

Recruits or soldiers that wish to apply for a pilot career in our Airwing are required to have served a number of weeks before they can apply for a pilot
career in our Airwing. Pilots are considered to be Officers, starting at the rank of Pilot Officer (Plt. Off).

VI. Recruitment - Interested?

We’re looking for dedicated and experienced people when it comes to military simulation within Armed Assault or ArmA II. We have strict rules and
regulations concerning recruitment, but as long as members stick close to them and show that they are keen to learn new things it isn’t that bad. We are looking
for people who can work under stress and have a certain flexibility in combat.

But in the end we’re doing this to have fun, and that is our secondary goal in the community. People need to able to have a good sense of humour.
If you get offended pretty quickly, the Regiment of International Forces is not the right place to be.

Overall, we don’t ask a lot from our members, it’s not very strict and most things make sense when you want to join a military simulation community like
the Regiment of International Forces.

Please take a look at the following criteria:

* You own a legal copy of ArmA II: Combined Operations ( Operation Arrowhead + ArmA II);

* You are willing and eager to learn when necessary;

* You have a mature attitude and can work under pressure;

* Can understand the basics of the English language;

* Having a working microphone (Plus TeamSpeak 3);

* Have enough time to attend at to least two training sessions;

If you believe to be eligible for a career in our community you can register on our forums and take a look at our enlistment form in the
recruitment section.
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post Apr 21 2012, 12:36
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We have taken some pictures of a recent operation.

To see more pictures, please visit our operational gallery.

For more useful information, please visit www.riflescommunity.com

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post Jun 8 2012, 23:08
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Good day there!

Not long ago we have taken some moving footage of our last deployment (Operation Iron Diplomacy). If you're interested, please
take a look here,
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post Jun 14 2012, 16:02
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Having several years of experience in military simulation using ArmA II, we're looking for new faces in our community. Any talent is welcome to our community. As of right now we emphasise on expanding our infantry section and improving tactics that come along with it.

We organise training sessions on Thursday and deployments on Sunday. Both start at about 20:00 GMT +0. We offer a good environment for new members and encourage efforts in both training sessions and grand-scale deployments to areas in conflict.

We offer the following:

Mature community
High-grade professionalism
Realistic combat scenarios
Team-play with others
Helpful environment
Good experience

If you're interested in enlisting for the Regiment of International Forces: Land and Aerospace, be sure to check out our website and forums located at http://www.riflescommunity.com

We hope to see you on the battlefield!

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