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> UK Special Forces Task Group
post Oct 31 2012, 16:50
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by massi

UK Special Forces Task Group CO v1.01

Hi all,

I was working on a UK Special forces pack few time ago and finally I found the time to release it, the aim of this pack is to fill the gap of missing SF units in BAF faction, adding units deployable everywhere, from desert to woodland areas, from arctic and winter environments to urban CQB and hostage rescue situations .

This pack contains 4 addons which are based on retexture of BI's Delta Force, Czech and German special forces units, meant to represent UK Special Forces SAS and SBS units (both in lightweight patrol gear and heavy assault gear), units from the Special Forces Support Group in assault gear, UK Special operation units for Arctic Warfare and the famous Counter Revolutionary Warfare Team, with their blue suite-black equipment fashion.

The SAS-SBS units wear multicam and MTP uniforms with some brown-coyote jackets, while SFSG units wear full MTP uniforms, this should give to all the units the possibility to operate in pretty much all different types of environments, from desert to woodland areas, plus a complete set of arctic warfare SF units which allow missions in artic and snow covered environments.

In the editor You'll find SAS-SBS CQB units too, the CRW team , wearing blue suites, black equipment and balaclavas, you'll find also a multicam\black version of those guys under "urban SAS-SBS" for CQB\hostage rescue operation in desert or woodland open fields.
The pack should add to BAF faction a wide Special Forces component, improving the range of UK operations in all BI and user made islands, in every environment.

Hope You'll enjoy them!

In the addons folder You'll find the 4 pbo files with their own v2 signatures files; those addons add UK special forces SAS-SBS and SFSG units, You'll find them in the editor under BAF faction divided by the following classes:

UKSF Support Group: those are units from the SFSG made by 1st Para and Royal Marines Commando, their task is to support SAS and SBS operation.
You'll find them in assault gear with full MTP uniforms in order to be deployed everywhere needed, the pack add 28 units that cover all different SOF unit roles, included snipers in ghillie suite both desert and woodland, there are also 9 different groups ready to be deployed in the editor.(pbo: "mas_uk_sfsg")

UKSF Assault SAS-SBS: Those are SAS-SBS units in heavy assault gear wearing a mix of multicam/MTP/coyote stuff, good both in desert and woodland environment, ideal for direct actions. The addon adds 17 units and 5 groups.(pbo: "mas_uk_sftg")

UKSF Patrol SAS-SBS: Those are SAS-SBS units in lightweight gear wearing a mix of multicam/MTP/coyote stuff, good both in desert and woodland environment, ideal for long range patrol missions; inside You'll find also snipers, marksmans and spotters in three different ghillie suite camos (desert, woodland and multicam). The addon adds 25 units and 8 groups.(pbo: "mas_uk_sftg")

UKSF Urban SAS-SBS: Those are SAS-SBS units in heavy assault gear wearing a mix of multicam/MTP/coyote stuff and black top plus balaclavas, good both in desert and woodland environment, ideal for high risk clearing ops and hostage situations. The addon adds 16 units and 4 groups.(pbo: "mas_uk_sftg")

UKSF Arctic Warfare: Those are SAS-SBS and SFSG units in arctic/winter camouflage uniforms and gear, in mixed heavy\light equipment. The addon adds 24 units and 8 groups.(pbo: "mas_uk_sfwa")

UKSF CRW Team: Those are SAS-SBS in CQB blue suite/black gear and balaclavas version, those represent the counter-terrorist wing of UK SF. The addon adds 12 units and 4 groups.(pbo: "mas_uk_sfwg")

I decided to put them in 4 different addons cause this way You can choose to install all of them or just the ones You prefer, due the fact that the 4 addons are completely independent each other.
I used what I found on web as reference sources.

Description and Features

You’ll find the UKSF in the editor with the following features :

- Units are equipped with M4s, G36s and have their own specific load out.
- Wide variety of roles that cover from LRRP, Direct Action to CQB tasks.
- Counter terrorist CRW Team units in blue suite and black gear/balaclavas.
- All environments ghillie suite units, multicam/MTP camouflage and winter/arctic version make those units deployable pretty much everywhere in all BI and user made islands.
- Every unit has is own set of groups, based on type and task of the unit.
- New "Engineer" ability for the sapper , and all the other units can hide bodies and use explosives.
- Featured content rucksacks , with UK DPM, black, multicam and arctic camouflage versions.
- Optional ACE config with ACEX gear and weapons with very specific load out, including ACE "AI talk" module support.
- 1 Replacement file that replace standard BI US delta force models with the SAS-SBS Assault ones (Graves included).
- All signatures files v2.


Put the addons in the "mod folder" of your preference, you will find the units in the editor under:
Blue for - BAF - UKSF ... (sorted by different type)
you'll find groups also under:
Blue for - BAF - UKSF ... (sorted by different type).


It requires Arma 2 Combined Operations (A2 + OA) to run , because it uses OA models and some A2 weapons.

ACE2 config files Installation.

Just put the ACE2 Optional Configs (called "mas_uk_sfsg_ace.pbo", "mas_uk_sftg_ace.pbo", "mas_uk_sfwa_ace.pbo" and "mas_uk_sfwg_ace.pbo") in the mod folder of your preference and You'll find in the editor only the UKSF ACE classes.
This config DO NOT replace original UKSF units, instead it only "hide" them in the editor by setting them as "protected", I did in this way in order to get the maximum compatibility and to avoid changing class names of the units (for mix makers).
As for the normal addon you can choose whether to use all 4 addons or just 1 or 2/3 of them, just remember that if You're using an ACE config replacement You'll need the respective addon .pbo too.
Units and settings are the same as for standard UKSF, but they're all equipped with ACEX gear (Balaclava , Gas Mask, earplugs and handcuffs) and weapons (ACEX M4s, plus spotters have rangefinders and kestrel 4500, demo expert uses ACEX explosives like M18 and C4, CQB units like breacher and MP5 operator have tear gas and flash bangs, some others WP and incendiary grenades...).
Units use "English" if Ace AI Talk is enabled.
Units and Groups are the same as for vanilla game, as following:.
Blue for - BAF - UKSF...(ACE) (sorted by different type)
you'll find groups also under:
Blue for - BAF - UKSF...(ACE) (sorted by different type).

Replacement Pack Installation.

You'll find 1 replacement file, that replace standard BI delta force unit models with the SAS-SBS assault ones.
Just put the replacement file ("mas_uk_sftg_repl.pbo") in the mod folder of your preference and You'll see delta units models replaced by SAS-SBS ones, included Graves heavy/light version too.
That should give the campaign a different feeling.


v1.01 date 31/OCT/2012
- first release


No problems found so far, no RPT errors, tested both in vanilla game, and with ACE2, ACEX running.


ThankYou very much to StalkerGB, without his great Rvmat and support I would never had solved the wound textures issue.
Thanks to all the great Arma/BIS community !!!

Download Links to version v. 1.01:

Link to BI forum thread:

Few pics of the units included in the pack

More pictures will follow, also new shots and missions for those units will be very welcome !


Thanks to BI for the great game and to all the community for their great support and addons!
Thanks to all the people that enjoied my previous units and supported me here on Armed Assault Info!
Hope You'll enjoy this new addon pack!

Best Regards,
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