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> Phantom Incorporated - Recruiting, An Arma2 Mercenaries unit looking for members
post Mar 4 2013, 21:10
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Under the radar, above the law.

Phantom Incorporated is a independent mercenary realism unit that is currently active on ArmA 2 CO using ACE/ACRE mods.
Our goal is to have fun while playing ArmA 2 on a somewhat realistic matter while staying unique as an unit, that's why we chose to start a mercenary unit.
We have the liberty to choose what type of missions we want to play, not limited to patrols, town captures and such.
Basically unrestricted warfare one might say, we can kill anything that stands in our way.
We do not have a ranking system, though we do have designated roles like Sniper, Automatic Rifleman, Medic etc.
Team Leader roles are assigned by the staff based upon activity and dedication to the unit and the abilities to actually lead.
All summarized, we're a friendly, semi-serious fun unit that is looking for people that want to have a good time on ArmA 2 CO.

We have an unique financing system that lets us buy our own equipment, vehicles and weapons.
These will be stored in our armory, where weapons can be assigned to members.
Members can suggest new weapons to purchase or weapons to add to the purchase list.
So you won't always be stuck to the same weapon, it adds a little variety to the game.

We always play at 8PM (20:00) GMT+1, with the exception of the game starting a bit later due to people coming late.
Our planned operations are on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, trainings can be hosted at any of the three days if staff decides its necessary.
TvTs are regularly played on Sundays, they could be small minigame type TvTs or actual adversarial operations.

Recruitment requirements
If you are interested in joining you must fulfill our requirements:
-You must be willing to download mods (we can help you doing so)
-Have a working microphone
-Have TeamSpeak 3 and Steam
-Ability to speak some English
-You must be at least 15 years of age.
This is because we've had people under 15 in the unit and it didn't quite work out most of the time.

For questions join the TS3: or add me on Steam: phonicstudio
For recruitment apply at: www.phantominc.enjin.com/recruitment

note: Video shows Golf-team's perspective of the last operation we had in Reshmaan Province, finishing our campaign.

note: outdated promotional video as us being a Private Military Company (April 2013)

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post May 17 2013, 15:41
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Recently there has been a big change in the unit.
No longer are we a PMC unit, the idea people had about PMCs only providing security was bothering us since we in fact did a lot of offensive/covert operations too.
Therefore we now are mercenaries, soldiers of fortune. We do all kind of operations as long as it pays well.
In-game there are not so many changes, we use different skins now (modpack), the missions are no longer legal and our bases are now further away from civilization.

Financing system
We have an unique financing system that adds a little roleplay aspect into the unit.
The unit has a budget and with this budget we are capable of buying new vehicles, weapons and other equipment.
If a purchased vehicle gets destroyed in a mission it will no longer be available in a future mission and thus we have to buy a new one.
The price list has been made up with prices compatible with the money we receive from our missions so that we have to work for our weapons.

Now that we're recruiting we have a few available roles open for new recruits to fill in.
Available roles:
  • Marksman
  • Machinegunner
  • AT Specialist
  • Medic
  • Rifleman(always available)
In the future we might open airborne roles but since we don't have any aircraft yet this is unavailable.

Interested? Join the Teamspeak server or fill in an application on the website.


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post Sep 12 2013, 08:48
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  • Thirsk campaign finished, right now we are in Fallujah, Syria.
  • Lost the UH-1Y Venom worth €1.250.000
  • We welcome our newest member to the unit: Lewis.
  • After recent events like the end of the summer holidays, the unit is now low on member count, this means that there are a lot of open positions now.
  • New weaponry, equipment and vehicles will soon be bought.

Operation Iron Gauntlet
A joint-operations with ASO-squad.de.
A basic attack and defend mission, we were playing as mercenaries and they were Finnish Defense Forces.
The mercenaries' task was to capture a Finnish general, controlled by AI which was located somewhere in Thirsk City.
The task the FDF had was to defend the general and fight off the mercenaries trying to capture him.
Due to member count on the other unit's side, they had additional AI support.


Operation Golden Retrieval
Part of the Thirsk campaign.
We were contracted to retrieve valuable intelligence from a downed Russian UAV drone above Thirsk Island.
As multiple people saw and reported the crash, not only insurgents moved in but also Finnish forces were interested to what this was.
We were to act as a third party and rapidly retrieve the intelligence before any other faction could, and if possible, destroy the UAV drone.


Thirsk Campaign
A month ago, a stolen C130J full of mercenaries crashed on a Finnish island close to the border with Russia.
We had to scavenge food and seek shelter, and more importantly, find our weapons back in a blistering blizzard.
It was cold and we couldn't see further than 50 meters however we were able to find our weapons back and some food, but we soon got attacked by Finnish Defense Forces.
The attack was fought off and we captured a small Finnish outpost south of the Island. Soon we started taking contracts from locals on the island and we re-established ourselves.
At one point we had a force big enough to capture a small island, compared to the main island, south of Thirsk which had several assets like a runway, a plane we could use and some civilian trucks.
We had done several civilian contracts when tensions started to rise between Finland and Russia due to political reasons. Not long afterwards we were being hired by the Russian intelligence agency to sabotage some of Finland's defenses and other.
We fled the country before Russia started the invasion, but the contracts sure paid off.

Fallujah Campaign
After fleeing from Thirsk we arrived in Fallujah, Syria(Iraq).
Fallujah is the heart of a nation-wide armed conflict going on between Syrian government forces and Syrian rebels, it all started two years ago.
Protesters demanded the resignation of President Bashar Al-Maleh and a month later Syrian government forces started firing on demonstrators across the country.
After months the protests turned into an armed rebellion and later in a civil war. Syrian government is supported by Russian forces deployed in the country and the Syrian opposition forces are supported by various Islamist rebel groups across the world. As we just moved in, we're planning on operating for both sides, making money that way while remaining on the background.

If you are interested in joining or you have any questions, for more information:

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