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> 46 Commando - A Structured UK Based Arma 2 Community
post Jul 28 2013, 12:40
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The Four-Six Commando

Our Community

The idea of our community is to arrange fun and exciting operations for people to play on a regular basis. We are looking for more people to help us expand the community so that we can increase size and excitement of our operations. We like to organise our events with detail so that we are not rushing into anything and just getting killed, therefore ruining the experience for everyone involved.
Our unit operates in the GMT time zone. Our events are held at 8pm on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We require that anyone interested in joining is able to attend those times, otherwise you can expect to find yourself quickly removed!

What are we looking for?
If you are wondering what we are looking for then I strongly suggest that you read this. I am going to outline the main things that we are looking for from people looking to join our unit..
  • Teamwork - You need to be able to work well with other people, if you don’t have this skill then there is honestly no point in placing a good application
  • Communication – No matter if you are in or out of game you are still going to need to be able to communicate information clearly. This means that we are looking for people with a high level of English. It doesn’t matter if English is not you’re first language it just matters that you can be understood by the other members of the unit.
  • Maturity – We are looking for people who are going to be mature and sensible within our unit. We don’t take kindly to people messing around and if you are reported doing so then you can expect to have a stern talking to by one of our senior members or for repeated offenders, a removal from the unit.
  • High Attendance and Commitment – We are looking for people to attend every single operation, that said we are willing to understand that real life exists and that things may happen that people are not prepared for. This point extends from just attending events, it also stands for things such as being on the teamspeak when there are no events on.
  • Professionalism - If you want to be a member of the unit then we are looking for you to apply professionalism to everything you do. This also ties into the idea of maturity, you must be able to approach all tasks with a professional ability and have the ‘mentality’ to know when you should and shouldn’t be messing around and having a laugh.

Age Requirements?
As it stands at the moment we are interested in people that are 14+. On the other hand this does not mean that if you are younger you will not be considered, but this age preference was put in place so that people are able to deal with the slightly more ‘adult’ sense of humor and also people with the maturity to understand ‘banter’.

The main idea of the four six commando is to create an organised serious fun unit allowing a community to come together and play with organised structure.
It was designed so that when we are out of game we were still a tight-knit social community.
Lt. Rhys – Commander of the four-six

Before you are in the unit
If you are interested in joining then you must place an application on the ‘Place an application!’ page. When you have placed in your application then you must wait until you email us back with a reply. This is why it is very important that you use the correct email address so that we can email you back with the answer to your application! If you do not put the correct email then please send another application with the information as close to the original as possible and put a note somewhere telling the person that is reading the application that you have already placed an application with the wrong email address

The information that is sent to us is secure so for example there is no need to fake a date of birth or location. You should also bear in mind that when we ask for location we are not looking for loads of personal information such as your address and postcode just the basic country so we can help decide whether to accept your application based upon location, it won’t have a huge affect but as you can probably guess, if you are largely out of our time zones and would only be able attend one or so events a week then it’s likely that your application will not be accepted.

After you get in
Great, so your now inside the unit! So I’ll first start by welcoming you to the unit! When you’re application has been accepted and you’ve come on the teamspeak and said hello to everyone you will be given you’re recruit status. You must attend the basic training course before you are aloud to attend any operations. We understand some people may not be happy with the especially if you are accepted on an operation night, but we do this for the reason that everyone needs to go through the basic training so that we are all on the same track and you are aware of how the unit operates.

When you have completed the basic training you will be given your ‘private’ tag and will be assigned to an infantry unit or if interested in aviation will start of aviation training as soon as possible (this however means that you will have to wait even longer before you can attend operations). Everyone will go through the basic infantry training no matter what unit they enter. This is done because of the fact that no matter what unit you are in, you are always going to be on your feet at some point and you will need to know how the infantry does things. This situation could happen the example if a pilot get’s shot down or if an armored unit get’s taken out and the crew are forced to take to the group.

Website: http://www.46commando.co.uk

The 46 Commando is still up and running and is continuing it's search for eager members! Since our last update the 46 has been up to a lot, including a large ammount of training and a further increase in our member count. We have also started doing to occasional mission in arma 3 for the members that have the game!

Some Examples of our recent gameplay:


Join us now!
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