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40 Commando Royal Marines OFP Brigade was co founded in April 2002.

The Brigade was founded for those who wished to join a well-structured and organised brigade. Having served in a "clan", 40 Commando Royal Marines ArmA Brigade founders, saw the need for a realistic style of mission, rather then what was on offer where they were serving at the time.

The basis of the Brigade was realism, based on the units, equipment and tactics employed by the UK's Royal Marine Commandos.

Once established, 40 Commando Royal Marines OFP Brigade recruited members from the UK and Australia, using Game Spy. The fact that the brigade did not allow respawn, or anyone under 18 to join, meant all members where mature and wanted the same type of missions to be involved in. This meant undesirables weeded themselves out in time.

Over the years a core group of members was established from both sides of the globe, with a loyalty and professionalism that is unmatched in the ArmA community today.

The Brigade pioneered the field of PVP wargames within the OFP Community and expresses a hope to continue this in ArmA. The wargame system was purely developed by the Brigade to take realistic battle scenarios to the next level, enableing the opportunity to test its skills against real enemy in real time firefights.

In recent times 40 Commando Royal Marines has progressed to become an ArmA Brigade. In doing this, the Brigade has strived to keep the same core values of loyalty and realism it pioneered in OFP.

40 Commando Royal Marines ArmA Brigade also implemented a revolutionary promotion system. These promotions were not simply handed out just for turning up. A system based on the ability to complete missions with the lowest number of causalities to achieve promotion, created a prefect mix of a desire to complete the mission while also wanting to survive. The Brigade never concerned itself with the performance of individuals, rather, the performance of the Brigades achievements as a whole. This fostered a culture of teamwork and mutual respect. The system did not tolerate those who believe they are entitled to promotion based on their own perceptions of their "skill" or "experience". Instead if focused on actual performance, a system that was well received and acknowledged within the brigade over the years, as the best way to approach promotions.

Despite the amount of time the Brigade has been about, and the geographical location of its members, 40 Commando Royal Marines ArmA Brigade has maintained with its original co founders, its core members and its core systems to continue forward for many years to come.

Some advantages and considerations for joining [RM] are listed below:

Members must be either UK or Australian only
Members must be 18 years or above
Members must succesfully complete a selection mission
100mbit connection dedicated server
Most of our members are mid 20's +
We run our missions like they are for real and not a game.
We dont allow rambos
We only do coops.

See most recent post for our new website address

Please email or contact via msn any of the below if you would like to chat with us about how we do things.

[RM]C-Sgt 3Lions[40BCoy] -

[RM]Sgt Wolf[40BCoy] -

[RM]C-Sgt GSTQ[40ACoy] -

[RM]Sgt Snipe[40ACoy] -
See post below for new website address

A bit of Retro from the ofp days but still gives and idea of how we work.

OFP Promo Video - RM
New website is up and running.

We are happy to accept all Aus & Uk members 18 yrs +

Welcome to the ex AIF members (another aussie clan promising the world then folding)

New website is up with a brief history of how long we have been about, showing why we have not become on of those statistics and therefore offer a longevity that can only be offered by a small group in the ArmA community

40 Commando Royal Marines
In Mission Video Promo....just a quick look at RM in mission.

Downloadable Version (Better Quality)

Youtube Version
New Video on youtube

In Mission Footage
Video posted on our forums buy one of our members.

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is the 40 commando still recruiting casue i e-mail one of the recruitment team but still havent heard anything?? tht was a bout 3 weeks ago
Sure are mate....

I have added you to msn but have not seen you about....that is the way we keep in contact with everyone but if you are unable to get on please email me again and I will get back to you asap.
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