Operation Reality Community is proud to present Campaign 3: Black Patriot

Coming to an Operation Reality server near you! smile.gif

The first campaign 3 operation is now only days away as of this posting.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Announcements, news and MEDIA can be found in The Press Box

If you think you've got what it takes, APPLY for a detachment and try out! Remember there are limited slots available so if you're a mature, tactically orientated player with the skills to pay the bills don't miss out!


ORC Campaign 3 (C3) : Black Patriot - Expectations/Layout

ORC C3 Mod Pack RC1 Final Released (Download/Brief Pack Info)
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Look forward to seeing you prospective ODR's out in the field for training!

NOTE 1: SFOD (Special Forces Operational Detachment) is mostly North American / European timezone centric.

UPDATE NOTE 2: Recently ORC has announced the establishing of a AU/NZ regional detachment to run ORC Campaigns for those in the land down under. If you are from the Australia/New Zealand region feel free to apply for the brand new OCRD (Oceanic Regional Detachment) once applications are opened for that detachment (stay tuned in the coming weeks). Currently we are only accepting staff applications for the OCRD. Yet as a potential recruit, feel free to register on the forums, hop on TS and make yourselves at home!

Kind regards,

/ ORC Staff