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BiKey for servers

Config v : 16-01-2011
WEAPONS : 16-01-2011
TROOP : 09-12-2010
VEHICLES: 08-01-2011
because of real-life issues, lack of time and etc. (we all growing and along with time have less time for joy, more duties, etc.) I have no so much time for my hobby as I would like to have
that's why I am releasing links to Project'85 conversion for Arma2
many of weapons left in Arma1 quality
some stuff owned by other mod and alowed us to use only for Arma1 has been reworked
thanx list is the same as for Arma1
sorry for not finished job, I hope you enjoy it anyway

list of weapons :


readme from Arma 1
Soviet troops moved from base to patrol
Soviet T-80 awaits in position
Chernorussian Socialisitic Republic soldiers hold position near road
American officer gives orders to crewmen
Polish airborne troops with their light tank also landed on Utes


1 Pack of Russian weapons:
08 January 2011 size 117 MB

2. West weapons (G3 , etc.):
15 January 2011 size 76 MB

3. Weapon holders units (Russian, India, Pakistan, Lithuania, woodland, olive etc.)
07 December 2010 time day size 54 MB

4. T55, T62, T64, T80 pack + 2S1 + UAZ 451/452 van
04 January 2011 time size 44 MB

5. BRADLEY, M109, M113 and Abrams
12 December 2010 time size 22 MB

screens show content

16 January 2011 time 00:00 size 277 MB

addon contains:

following weapons:
AKMS (Arma2 quality)
AKMS SD (Arma2 quality)
Beryl Eotech (Arma2 quality) Beryl is Polish AK74 counterpart using NATO 5.56 ammunition and 3-rnd burst mode
Mini Beryl Eotech (Arma2 quality)
Beryl GL (Arma2 quality)
UKM (Polish PK/PKM using NATO ammunition belts)
PM84 (UZI - looking)
PM98 (UZI - looking)
P99 (Walther pistol)
RPG7 with optics and 3 types of heads - along them 2 Polish "Dezamet" modern warheads
NOTE for non-Polish speakers
KO - HE warhead (used against light armed vehicles and infantry or buildings)
M - HEAT (strong cumulative head ca. 500 mm penetration)
VL - HEAT (Soviet/Russian warhead)


Tarpan Honker jeep
Lublin van
Landrover police (old and European Union painting scheme, no sirens working - i am poor coder)
STAR 266 old 5t truck
BRDM M96 (BRDM2 variant using NATO .50 cal. ammo)
PT91 (T90 counterpart)
Leopard 2A4
DANA soon

SCREENS Beryl mark 1996 UKM-2000 , Polish PK fed with NATO ammo


on special requests i converted old A1 addon of Colonial Marines and APC from Alien movie and weapons from AVP games and movies :]

23 MB, i hope there is no much bugs, i hope you enjoy it, no need to post pictures, all old gamers and SCiFi fans knows Pulserifle and M577 APC

8 Police:
15 January 2011 time size 16 MB
QUOTE(vilas @ Aug 25 2009, 17:17) *
yet i release BETA (some bugs) of Modern Polish army and police addon

addons are under WEST > Polish Army
strange shadows behaviour appear, cause there are some problems with Arma1 models
also strange hands/arms behaviour appear with new Arma2 animations

You should be able to fix the arms bug with my quick guide:

I too had some problems with shadows in FDFmod soldiers; there was a long triangle coming from the model's head. This was fixed by deleting a small triangle in mouth section of the lowest shadow lod.
thank You, fixed version overwriten previous file smile.gif
now hands and arms work good smile.gif
QUOTE(vilas @ Aug 27 2009, 11:39) *
thank You, fixed version overwriten previous file smile.gif
now hands and arms work good smile.gif

Thanks for informing us about your addons, keep up the great work with converting and main addons thumbsup.gif Can't wait to see it all working in ArmA2!

conversion of Alien APC , Colonial Marines - ready smile.gif
enjoy biggrin.gif
Wheres the P85 conversion? smile.gif))

Mission pack on Schmalfelden lies in my HDD last 3 months smile.gif))
Polish pack updated , there was bug caused by new physics of game, now BMP1 is fixed (all under the same link)

concerning P85: it is 80% made but it is very complicated job, i have to check every unit myself
and some permissions were for Arma1 only, so i have to rework some things
Great work Vilas thumbsup.gif
QUOTE(vilas @ Aug 30 2009, 11:17) *
some permissions were for Arma1 only, so i have to rework some things

Are the permissions given once not still valid?

Any plans on further enlargement of P85? Marder and so on?
vilas, do you have any plans to port over your 80's RACS units from ArmA? Maybe if you're not into "Sahranian" units anymore, perhaps you could just call them "generic infantry in OD uniforms" and remove the flag from the arm? I liked those units very much and would be looking forward for them. They'd be generic enough for just any fictional island's army forces or even guerillas.
learning how to import P85 i found finally how to make suspension for vehicles, my addons never had it properly working
so now i updated Polish modern pack
just small info for people interested in Modern Polish Police and Army addon , as usual - file overwritten under the same old link
QUOTE(topas @ Aug 30 2009, 21:04) *
Any plans on further enlargement of P85? Marder and so on?

yes, started yesterday and will be in A2 release, maybe also in AA1 release if i will reinstal tools, because tools for A2 prepare more compressed files, that cannot be read by AA1 engine

vilas, do you have any plans to port over your 80's RACS units from ArmA? Maybe if you're not into "Sahranian" units anymore, perhaps you could just call them "generic infantry in OD uniforms" and remove the flag from the arm? I liked those units very much and would be looking forward for them. They'd be generic enough for just any fictional island's army forces or even guerillas.

i think you are doing great addons too and you can make such addon too smile.gif
uniform in rain pattern as i did for RACS'80 looks like CSLA or old Polish 1960 camo, and it will be on P85 guerillas as they are central europe guerillas
80'RACS is olive drab BDU, so olive drab BDU and M65 will be in P85 too on guerillas

picture: (from AA1, but the same guerillas will be in A2)

i know that olive drab BDU/M65 can fit "US army 1978" too, but i have to do older vest

if i will follow non-historical way, than of course in 1980-1985 Chernarus could be a separate state and such 80'Chernorussians could exist

US sixcolour unit (as in AA1) can be bonus US desert troops from 80's (to be oposite to Soviets from Afghan war presented in P85)

Cool, saw the more 'complete' pics already at BIforums; nice weathering on the skirts you did; but try making the rear mudguards less 'blue' wink.gif

Anyway; what's your progress with the new shaders? Had the chance to see and test some of the A1 P85 converted; and it looks even ok and blends in with the new environment after several personal-use modifications; but stands out when it comes to the overal lack of the shaders mentioned. Is it even doable now or you'll need to wait for BI sample models to be released?

PS: would be way too cool to have the rear hatch openable smile.gif
progress of today (yet a lot of work left)

there will be also camo version, but probably both will be MarderA2, because A3 is ca. 1988 (animation error visible on lower screen fixed )
a.f.a.i.k. Marder has good AA capabilities because of rapid fire 20 mm cannon, so in P85 it will get config values which will make also AA vehicle of it
Marder transport a lot of (1250 rounds) ammo i.r.l. , so it will fix hole in P85 - missing German IFV and AA vehicle (i know it is not Gepard)
because of real-life issues, lack of time and etc. (we all growing and along with time have less time for joy, more duties, etc.) I have no so much time for my hobby as I would like to have
that's why I am releasing links to Project'85 conversion for Arma2
many of weapons left in Arma1 quality
some stuff owned by other mod and alowed us to use only for Arma1 has been reworked (webbing suspension on one soldier, two scopes are now less detailed on two weapons)
thanx list is the same as for Arma1
sorry for not finished job, I hope you enjoy it anyway

list of weapons :

readme from Arma 1

known bugs , lacks:

- glasses bug (i must find "why" later, now private life, Polish addon, City Life addons)
- many weapons still have Arma 1 shaders (materials) which means they look not good in Arma 2 engine, AK, SKS, Sa, FALs, MG-x were reworked and Arma2 shaders are used, HK and M-xx weapons are still in Arma 1 shaders, M21 has proper scope mount, while Soviet AKM/AKMS has Polish barrel end
- not all units were tested carefully
- groups not working (still i have problems with group definition in Arma2) but don't worry, config is just 100 kb file, so i can do update and you don't need to download more than 100 kb
- if soldier wears not enough magazines than i will add more
- if there is "destruction" error than maybe also possible config fix
- if there is icon problem or etc.
- PBR Mk.2 and MI-2 not added
- wheeled vehicles Arma2 model of destruction (tyres) not added, so vehicles are destroyed in Arma1 way
- glass destruction still not work (cars)
P85 is so huge work that i would have to work half year on it , i'd prefer to give community more toys and when i will have time for gaming , than i will fix this

of course missing in Arma2 , Arma1 vehicles are here : M113, 5t truck, Vulcan

now private life, Polish modern pack, City Life addons
now i am back to work on better quality Polish modern addon :

oxygen viewer breaks quality (shows low texture setting)
but textures will be as below:
small info about w.i.p. on update of modern Polish addon
new quality uniforms textures and new models

i hope soon to finish them and release pack, Rosomak (Patria) is also ready
i hope to add Dana 152 mm howitzer

more progress on Polish modern addon (beta is on FTP under the same link as previously) but still a lot of work left
but new much better quality soldiers are inside
still need to be done:
DANA howitzer
Hummer NSV, Honker PKM
some more vehicles
groups definitions, more classes, more arm-patches and small details

next step will be releasing weapons in small packs, like AK pack, FAL pack, HK pack , US weapons etc.

City Life RPG also get police and sherif without vests
Why does the 416 have the Colt style stamped text on the receiver and a STANAG magazine? There's more to the 416 than just a fancy heat shield and some HK stickers plonked on an M4 you know...

(Also the EOTech optics with the thumbscrew have the buttons on the side, as you can see here (ignore the bit at the back), compared to this)
You are aware that the HK416 takes STANAG compliant magazines Dave?
Dave, I think you'll find that while the HK416 can use a specific H&K made mag it does infact take STANAG magazines: (see list of compatible fire arms)
I'd also be surprised at H&K if they had made it accept only propietary magazines considering the primary market it is aimed at.
QUOTE(Blackbuck @ Oct 29 2009, 19:01) *
You are aware that the HK416 takes STANAG compliant magazines Dave?

Yes. However, as Vilas has already said: this is for a modern Polish Addon, historically the Polish Army hasn't used STANAG compatible weapons (for obvious reasons), so it would make more sense for them to use the magazines shipped with the 416.
some info about fixes:

Polish modern pack is still under development, some new weapons and unit details added (more variety of helmets, weapons)

AK 107 upper receiver remodeled to 99% real smile.gif

thanx to Dmitri from Harkov , who found bugs, new config for P85 was released

so to assume :
- new config for P85 released with some fixes thanx to Dmitri (100 kb only to download)
- new P85 weapons pack, cause now AK107 is really realistic , also some new materials were applied
- Polish modern pack was updated too

also i will hope to release some weapons packs (divided from P85) but more modern weapons inside them will appear (as Russian AEK, Vikhr etc.)

also some other things will be updated and will be seen

Carl Gustav M2 with new texture and specular (more metallic)

RPO-A which was AT-4 role in OFP (here LOD 2, low poly model screen was taken, in game more smooth barrel will appear)
Your sling mount of the AK107 seems totally wrong. In the first place, why didnt you model it instead of just texturing it on? Right now it sort of looks like someone splashed his chewing gum on it. Second, its not in the right place. It should more to the back, obviously you cant hold the weapon properly when it is so close to the reciever.
it will be modeled in future (right now it is picture)
and it is placed like on photo of real life gun, cause i used for texture real life weapon photo
but of course it will be modeled in "standalone" packs
The sling mount is on the rear of most issue 74M's, here's a picture that proves this:

The newer folding stocks have the the sling mount at the front, but these are comparatively rare (AFAIK, only found on the newest 74Ms and the 100 series). It's also worth noting the butt plate on the newer stocks is different. As seen here:

With a better comparison here:
this what shown above is not AK74M, but AK in black or plum furniture
some AK74 in late production were made in such plastic (RHS made it)
AK74M is different weapons than AK74 "black"

for City Life mod
I see... my apologies, the site I got that image from wasn't particularly clear...
AK74 in black furniture of plastic was made since 1985/6 (also in AKS74 variants there was plum or black plastic)
AK74 Modernisovanny entered ca. 1990/1991 or like that
back to AK74M vs. AK74 in black/plum plastic:

note differences: in receiver, front sight etc. it will be new AK74M, AK74 (plum plastic) in upcoming addon
some more progress on east weapons pack :

new VSS compared to BIS , AK74 BIS compared to my (some more "realistic" details, very small , but worthy to rework)
and more: AKS74 from 1988

Old Bear
I am a bit confused about your P85 vehicles, troops, weapons and config. files when I come to upload them, are they already ported to ArmA2 or still wip in ArmA state as their actual tag tend to show as in "P85_v_a.7z" ?
I believe that the only ArmA2 released addons are "Polish Army and Police" and SF "Colonial Marines and APC". Am I right ?
another screens w.i.p. on addon of PL

P85 is also for Arma2
_A is version for 2 (example : P85_veh.7z stands for A1, P85_V_A.7z for A2 )

Config : 12-11-2009 thanx to Dmitri fixed some config issues
WEAPONS : 30-10-2009 (than AK 107get proper bolt cover and G3 get new NOHQ)
TROOP : 16-10-2009 (last fix was as i remember adding Polish paratroopers in camo made of parashute material)
VEHICLES: 13-11-2009 (last fix is Volga fixed, cause previous version from ca. 16-10-2009) was causing CTD when Volga was opened (even empty), today i found out that missing classes of old P85 civilians are, so place civ. vehicles empty (i will fix it soon replacing crew by A2 civilians)

difference between A1 and A2 P85 is:
- finally i learned how to make suspension, and in A2 vehicles do have it
- 90% of sounds are BIS, not custom
- changed soldiers, groups - because A2 classes are different than A1
- soldiers have A2 heads and ability to jump (A2 geometry)
- half of weapons have A2 shaders quality

so it is ported and reworked , future plans are : national symbols on vehicles, better weapons , real backpack for BW, radiostations


w.i.p. on OC 14 Groza
Have anyone a Idea how i can change
the spoken Language from the german Soldiers
from the 85s Addon to english ?
Actually they speak (i think) polish.


they speak Czech language
because BIS made WEST soldiers following way:
- US - black and white faces, English language
- Chernarus - white faces, Czech language
i tried do them speaking english only, but then i had ctd when i was nearing soldier, simply when soldier wanted say hallo, game was c.t.d. :/
i gave us with config and left them as Chernarus class inheritance


finally i have fixed my Buldozer in Oxygen to show high-resolution textures (previously textures were low in viewer)
Groza w.i.p.
and detail on VAL
VAL rail (also in VSS the same receiver)
RPK74M with proper details
Groza looks very nice!
Any plans for a 7,62 Groza? Or will it be a single weapon that uses either 9x39 or 7,62 magazines? (I can't seem to find any info on this, other than that Groza's can use 7,62, I don't know if they need any modifications to do this unsure.gif )

With the language issue, the radio language is defined identity types, and nowhere else (it doesn't matter what talktopics and languages are set to for radio voices). The talktopics and languages section are only used for the conversation stuff. If you're inheriting from the side side classes (SoldierEB, SoldierWB and SoldierGB), you should be able to set characters to speak any language through talktopics and languages. You can also change the radio language by adding new faces and defining them as a identity type.

Any chance you could share the secret of high-detail textures in Buldozer? smile.gif
my documents > arma > bulldozer.cfg > texturequality =3 or 4 (default is 1), texturememory =4
file > properties > read only

concerning language issue - i tried in config "talktopics" and etc. - all was causing c.t.d., when i was near soldier, he wanted say "hallo" and... ctd ,
so i decided to inherit class germansoldier:cdf_base;
because of requests to have Bradleys in small addon, not to download whole P85 pack i release (beta yet) small addon
first step is vehicles divided from P85 but upgraded to use A2 shaders and BIS weapons

i had no time to test it (how strong or weak is vehicle comparing to others) because i work on other things, generally values from P85 are used

why i say about it, reason is simple, BIS vehicles are in some cases too strong or too weak, too much "gameplay" to few "realism"
has anyone of you put on map T72, BMP2 and counted how many LAV 25mm APSDF needed to destroy each vehicle ?
strong tank vs. apc ?
in P85 apc are poor compared to tanks, thats why i say about it (having in mind upcoming further addons releases)

i had no time for beta-test ,

please if you have time - check test version of addon and treat it is "test purpose"
addon contain:

Bradley M2 green, M2 camo, M2A2 camo, M2A2 desert, M6 Linebacker camo, M6 Desert
M1A1 remodelled tank (EUAPU and M2 mount real)
M113A2 and M113A3 (BIS Arma1)
M109 155 mm SPH (M2 is just decoration, not works)

addon uses BIS weapons as M2, M242 (sounds, reload time, BIS ammunition ), but Abrams uses SABOT, HEAT and HE rounds

if you have time to test - please
comparison to P85: A2 shaders used

file size 20 MB, unpacked 34

screens :

next step is pack of Russian/Soviet tanks /apc
next step : Rygugu T55, T55 modernised & T62 (Rygugu and me), T64A, T64B, T72, T72A, T80B, T80BV, T80U camo, BMP1/2, 2S1
screen show update (closer to realism) of BMP1 in upcoming release compared to P85 version , it will be green version, if other addonmaker wants to have CDF, or RS versions - i give permission to reskin it for need of CDF or Red Star fraction or other camo (if other addonmakers of you wish)

next step : Russian modern rifles pack (all those AK47, RPK, AEK, GROZA, AK74M, AK100) also requested by some people for their addons needs

i hope to give both in some days (i hope 2 weeks max)

pack of T55, T62, T64, T80, 2S1, UAZ van "vahtovka", this cucumber offroad
it is import from P85, but with A2 shaders
addon uses BIS sounds, reticles, ammo etc.
what is new here - textureselections
you can easy release your own camo version of those vehicles using "camoselection" method
as also customize by hiddenselection for fuel canisters "BAKI" name of selection , or "SKIRT" or "PLACHTA" selection works too on some vehicles (fabric on BMP2D)

w.i.p. info on Russian weapons:
SV98 with PKS-07 scope not finished
will be available with 2 scopes , but i look info about reticle of 1P69 scope
Old Bear
Hosted on our .ftp , new in front page with pics !
i have released public-beta of East/Russian weapons addon:

it is beta public-test, cause i had no time to do more now smile.gif
addon is after first beta-test and fixed version uploaded seconds ago smile.gif
thaks to Flashpoint.Ru members i updated pack of Bradley+M109, T55-T80 pack
what has been changed: metal properties of armor
config help by Dmitri Harkov

what is new also
texture selections on US vehicle

previously you could release your own reskin of east vehicles (permission for anyone as texture section allows it and you release addon of reskin + your config) with exeptions to T55, which is Rygugu intelectual property
and you have to ask Rygugu , not me

new version of addon allows anyone also reskin M109, Bradley, M113A2 too, cause i implemented "texture selection" in the US pack too
so you are free to release now your versions of :
2S1, BMP1, BMP2D, M109, Bradley , Bradley A2, M6 Linebacker, UAZ van , T64, T72, T80B, T80U, T80BV
very hard works goes on and on

soon i hope to update Russian weapons pack with:
- groups and units (weaponholders) made with real-squads structure
- some weapons more, including missing RPG 22 and 26


Polish pack is also under development:
- totaly new jeeps
- new truck (will be few more)
- new units including : WINTER and Multicam units < winter clothes soldiers


important information, offtopic, but i must aswer stupid accusation
today evening i will show scan /photo of book
Hmm... that's weird, I thought I posted here... maybe I pressed the wrong button?

I'd remind you that this isn't the place to discuss decisions made by BI forum moderators. But, I'm not going to stop anyone saying bad stuff about them in the off-topic section, because, let's face it, they probably deserve it.
nothing important now
some wip screens of upcoming updates of P85 and separate addon of west/LatinAmerica weapons:
(wip, not finalized)
new G3 sights
M110 for US Army and Mk.11 (SR 25) made too for USMC
and much more
thanx to help of people who tested, helped etc. 4 addons are ready to present them:
release note is too long here, so i am giving link:;mforum=vilas
weapons list is here:

4 addons : Polish army and Police version 2 (first release was 2009, now generaly reworked) , West weapons pack, East Weapons pack, weapon holders ( weapon holders are not competition to other mods, simply it would be stupid if USMC soldier holds Gali, and CDF holds 9A91 )
weapon holders are "look-a-likers" to real armies using those weapons , also squads and platoons are organized to fast and easy make battles smile.gif
of course addons would not be possible to release without big help of hosting (Cervo, Foxhound), without Dmitri_Harkov config hard work, without YAC, Macko work, Jon , without Pilgrim, Leed, Udaloy, ANZACSAS_Steve and many people , without people who hard tested this every boring day - it would not be working smile.gif
this addon of Polish armed forces also supports "texture selection" ability to release and create custom reskins easy (like 2 other addons East vehicles, West vehicles which both were released some months ago )

if you host backups of my files, please overwrite old version with new one smile.gif
thanx smile.gif and thank to anyone who make screens with those addons smile.gif i hope you will have fun using them smile.gif

Thx for your work, vilas! thumbsup.gif
Added news and updated addons to our download archive. Thx
after a some weeks break:

updated Polish forces addon

213 MB

added :
- ABW Operator ("Gepard" camo) ,
- desert (never used) Police camo,
- "Plamiak" (AT1 Urban Flecktarn) AT Police (90s) ,
- since last release news added Alex 7.62 (mk. 2008) and Tor 12.7 (mk. 2006) bullpup bolt action sniper rifles,

- real helmet for existing AT Policeman ,
- camo selection work on Rosomak, 2S1 ,
- camo works on Star 266 (reported as not working) ,

- pack will be divided for some smaller addons to make it easy update-able (Police, Army, vehicles, weapons, other...),
- both MSBS assault rifles
- OA compatibility (to be released next week in PL)
this version is NOT tested on OA cause OA is not yet released in PL

few weeks after release of OA it will be updated (probably only config, small one file 100 kb) for OA users
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