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Full Version: 80's era weapons.
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While doing some "old" era missions, I found that there are few weapons in game without fancy lasers, optics or other modern modifications.

So I've started a project to correct that.


What I'm wondering is, if there is any other, at all, who would enjoy such a weapons pack. Otherwise I will fully optimize it for my computer performance and needs alone, which may cause severe performance issues for others need. (I only intend to use it at a 4-man-team level).

The pack will, at first, largely concentrate on the british SBS's/SAS's weapons, such as the MP5A3, Fn Minimi, Colt XM-177, HK33 and L1A1/Fal.

Proposals of other weapons of the late 70s and 80s would be great!

I see you've found the addon request thread. Please continue this topic there smile.gif

Thread Closed

(deja vu?)
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