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Full Version: What Am I doing wrong?
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Hi, guys.

I do one mission in Arma OA. The primary objective is destroy all tanks and ets. on the map. The player is in the A-10.

The tanks are occupy 3 different points on the map. (screen). But when I came to 1st point and I destroyed all the tanks and etc. I was still seeing 1st point and the 2nd point didnt load.

Here is screen
(i didnt change language, sry)

I guess, I need some modul + command? But I didnt find the know like: "the next waypoint when all around me all dead"
The destroy and seek and destroy waypoints are a bit iffy IMHO, you're better off using a move waypoint, and change the condition to something like:
(This) and (not alive Tank1) and (not alive Tank2) and (not alive Tank3)

So the waypoint will be completed once the player has reached the location, and all 3 tanks have been destroyed. You can change the description so it shows up ingame as "destroy the tanks" rather than just "move".
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