Dear ofp/armas community.

With gachopin we have now a pleasure share yours this new released and ideas for working a great submarines mod for Arma3.

a news released of warship mod is a first simulation of a ww2 atlantic battle for arma 2 OA.

some features is now add in this release.

stealth simulation and ASDIC tracking, performing IA for escort ships, u-boats and pilenwerfer counter measure.

a torpedoes scripts is working on a torpedoes base scripts working by a originals authors Gnat and Mandoble and modifiate for simulating a U-boats torpedoes launchers.

in this released you can switch on the 4 torpedoes launchers and launch 4 torpedoes simultaneous.

news improved particles fx flak88 and shrapnels, water effects and 3d bubulles particles is add.

the Hydrophone of u-boat working with périscope for identify a unkowns ennemies target ships.

improved shader water fx with alpha chan and shadows for always show your u-boat under water.

U-boats IA and escort ships d'ont need script or command lines for playing just place units on editor map and play

a release include 2 U-boats type VIIC and 1 U-boat VIIB with improved 3d models and textures.
A kriegsmarine crews and sounds FX and particles FX.

Simple user interface is now add.

a release include two single player missions.

for more information pls read a read me


download links :

next release expected for arma3.

missions required a camel bis addons and NIM Dynamic Weather.